Does she like you? For guys by a girl.

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So, this quiz is for guys, to see if a girl likes them. If you are a girl, turn around, and check out Weirdhead and ghettobabe4ever's quizzes. They're amazing!

Note to the guys: So, I know boys don't like reading much, so I'll make this quick. This quiz is pretty accurate, because I'm a girl, and love horror movies, villains, and romance, all together. Just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean, I can't make an accurate quiz! P.S. I make a lot of villain related quizzes, because I'm a rebel...I make my own rules xD

Created by: Houndlover

  1. Do you find her staring at you?
  2. If she does stare at you, how does she stare?
  3. Does she lick her lips when she's around you?
  4. Does she look into your eyes when she's talking to you?
  5. Does she forget what she's saying a lot when she's talking to you?
  6. Does she seem nervous when she's in your presence?
  7. Has she flirted with you?
  8. When someone suggests to you that she likes you, what does she do?
  9. If you make a joke with her and those surrounding her and no one laughs, what does your she do?
  10. When she talks to you, how is her body positioned?
  11. Has her body ever touched you before?
  12. Have you asked her on a date or to a dance?
  13. (If you answered yes answer this question. If you answered no, the skip this question) What did she say?
  14. Has she ever kissed you before?
  15. Ok, bye!

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