Merma Girl Prologue

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So, this is the prologue of my new series 'Merma Girl.' She's a super hero, and this tells how she gets her powers. She's modest BTW, and if you aren't a fan of my wicked cliffhangers, the good luck!

As always, I'd like to thank Weirdhead for reading and commenting on my quizzes, and ghettobabe4ever for reading and commenting on my quizzes, and inspiring me.

Created by: Houndlover

  1. Fish on!” Said 16 year old Maria as she hooked the fish. She could tell it was going to be a good fish.
  2. “That’s a nice one M.” her father said as they brought it into the boat. It was about as long as the tip of her longest finger to her elbow.
  3. The fish was a shiny silver that sparked in the sunlight. On it’s stomach, there was a small spike.
  4. Father took a photo of the fish. Maria was about to release the beautiful creature, when it suddenly thrashed. The small spike on it’s belly went deep into her skin. It didn’t hurt though. In fact, it felt like she was soothing.
  5. After she realized the fish, she looked down at her arm and screamed.
  6. Instead of finding blood, she found her arm turning blue…
  7. ***Cliffhanger!!!***
  8. So are you mad at me?
  9. Do you want part 1 to come out?
  10. Ok, I'll go work on it...

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