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  • .0. First off.... Yay you're alive! XD I've been waiting for you to hurry up and get back on here.... Almost lost my sanity -_-

    Also, loved this! You better hurry up with the next part before I go crazy. ( too late xD)

    Also, I'm considering quitting making stories. I'm thinking about just making regular quizzes or quitting GTQ altogether. I dunno yet. Everyone's leaving me :'(

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is the last of my 3 days. I've been doing this in secret. U can do like I do, and do both...

    • Ohhh oki *turns head to both sides and gives you a sly wink* I feel like we're doing some sorta super secret spy mission or something. *starts humming spy theme song*

      I might continue, I dunno yet