Merma Girl - Chapter 1 The rise of Merma Girl -

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So, this is the first chapter of my new series 'Merma Girl.' She's a super hero, and yes, the picture is pixel art, and I drew it and colored it... If you aren't a fan of my wicked cliffhangers, the good luck!

As always, I'd like to thank Weirdhead for reading and commenting on my quizzes, and ghettobabe4ever for reading and commenting on my quizzes, and inspiring me.

Created by: Houndlover

  1. One week later.
  2. Maria sat up in her bed. She had slept so well. She looked at her arm. It was it’s normal tan color. Good.
  3. She quickly got dressed and went to her bedside table. It was decorated with flowers. In the middle of each flower was a yellow bump. That was the pollen.
  4. Maria pushed the bump closest to her alarm clock. Her bed mattress went up. Under her mattress was a tunnel. She climbed inside.
  5. Maria followed the tunnel that went from her bed to a under water room with many other tunnels.
  6. Her hand went up to her hair clip she always wore. She pressed the bead.
  7. Suddenly, over her old clothes new clothes came. It was a one piece suit, with dark blue at the bottom that fades into a turquoise at the top. All along her boots was a pattern that looked like scales.
  8. Her shoulder length blond hair was a braid that went to her waste, and was blond that faded into blue. On top of her head was a cute blue tiara. On the front of her suit, was a pattern the had the letters MG on the front.
  9. She was no longer Maria. Now, now she was Merma Girl!
  10. ***not really one, but I like typing it, Cliffhanger!!!***

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