How Attractive Are You (males Only)

This quiz covers many bits and prices of what makes a male attractive. Its pretty in depth and also a slight bit humorous . It was made pretty carefully and will be fairly accurate.

Are you attractive? Well take this quite and find out, because this is the quiz for you! You'll never know what your results may be until you try it, who knows you may be Leonardo DiCaprio himself.

Created by: tristen
  1. How are you today? Just curious no effect here.
  2. OK now let's begin. How tall are you?
  3. How is your body's condition currently? As in shape physical condition and fat or well formed.
  4. Do you like yourself?
  5. Do you posses a lot of skills and abilities?
  6. Do you have a good masculine v shape from your hips to your chest?
  7. How white are your teeth.
  8. Are your teeth straight?
  9. Do you have any acne?
  10. Do you love yourself?
  11. Are you generous?
  12. How well can you adapt yourself to situations and people?
  13. Do you believe you have a good since of fashion style?
  14. How intelligent are you?
  15. How conversationally fluent are you?
  16. Are you able to make others happy?
  17. Last question. How ambitious are you as in are you a real go getter?

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Quiz topic: How Attractive am I (males Only)