How attractive are you? (BOYS ONLY)

Many people wonder if they are attractive or not, but many do not realise that good looks also come from the heart, so do not worry if you have a low percentage!

This quiz is for males only as most quizzes of this type only attract female attention. Guys deserve a handsome quiz too! To add to this, this quiz is for all sexualities, even if you are asexual, SO ENJOY!

Created by: English Gal 360

  1. What is your hair colour?
  2. What is your eye colour?
  3. How tall are you?
  4. Do girls/boys find you attractive? (BE HONEST!!!!!!!)
  5. Have you ever been complimented on your accent?
  6. Are you kind hearted?
  7. How many bf/gfs have you had?
  8. Has someone ever called you attractive?
  9. Do you were glasses?
  10. Do you have any birthmarks or scars on your face?
  11. Are your lips...
  12. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How attractive am I? (BOYS ONLY)