How Attractive Looking Are You From 0-10?

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How Attractive Looking Are You is a quiz that will give you 100% accurate results on how attractive looking you are from 0-10! If you are not ready to hear the truth, do not take this quiz! This quiz was designed for males only!

Are you attractive looking? You're about to find out as soon as you take this quiz! Answer honestly and truthfully and enjoy your results! I hope everyone enjoys the quiz!

Created by: Shimmers
  1. How long is your hair?
  2. What is your eye shape?
  3. Has anyone ever told you that you have a baby face?
  4. How high maintenance are you? (Explain)
  5. Which of the following categories displays your eye color?
  6. What shape is your nose?
  7. What is your body type?
  8. What kind of teeth do you have?
  9. What color is your hair?
  10. How big are your muscles?
  11. Do you have high arched eyebrows?
  12. How big are your lips?
  13. What is your hair texture?
  14. How long of a shower do you usually take?

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Quiz topic: How Attractive Looking am I From 0-10?