How Well Do You Know Pretty Little Liars? (The TV Show)

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Do you watch Pretty Little Liars all the time? Just FYI this is kind of easy. But I'm sure you'll do great unless you're taking this randomly. Read on.

Yes, I know the results are based off the Pretty Little In-Crowd thing. But take the quiz and you may be surprised. And I honestly don't get the point of these paragraphs.

Created by: DubbleA
  1. Who died?
  2. Who possibly killed them?
  3. What city do the girls live in?
  4. What state do the girls live in?
  5. Who was the first girl (out of the main 4) to be friends with the "weirdo?" (Sry other words would make it too easy)
  6. Second?
  7. Who's gay?
  8. Who has a brother-in-law? Who's kinda creepy?
  9. Who is breaking the law all the time?
  10. Who broke the law a couple times but doesn't do it anymore?
  11. Who is -A?
  12. Who has the most secrets?
  13. How many episodes are in Season 1?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Pretty Little Liars? (The TV Show)