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  • Ima gonna tell you guys the story, its pretty... strange.

    Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle. The cow jumped over the moon! The little dog laughed to see such a sport. And the dish ran away with the spoon. He ran from convection, he fed his addiction. The spoon begged to go but the dish said "No! The herion will be ready soon."

    Im no crackhead or making fun of them This story is actually from facebook and it got stuck in my head and i was grouchy and tired and my lil bro kept poking me and turning the light on and off so I said "You wana hear a bed time story?" He nodded and my mother heard EVERYTHING. Im such a nice person-_-

  • Heyyy guuyyys as you know im off groundingment right now but a few hours after my freedom my brother pissed me off so i told him a story... it freaked him out. I guess you know what happend after that-____-

    @Twis ted_Roots: Hey welcome back and litterally in mexico? HELLA LUCKY!!! My family is in Jaurez and i can't see them for crap-.- and thanks Part 9 comming soon:)

    @Daughter OfApollo: Lol and thanks:) in my perspective it was a bit of a tie but oh wellXP

    @Firey_So ul: Lmao firetrucking? XD I was gonna make you helpless but thats tooo lame and Part 9 is coming.. idk. And the second comment XD

    @eve1241: Im glad you feel like that about my series:)

  • This was firetrucking awesome!!!!! I'ma boss. ;) Can't wait for part 9!!!! :D

    ...Can I confess something? At first, I accidentally wrote 'fart' instead of 'part' lmao!!!! xD

  • I am addicted to these! I just can't stop reading them.

  • Awesome part :D and Alex's kiss was better than Nick's.... Just saying. XD

  • Yes!! Finally of caught up!!! This is kinda scaring me a bit cuz I'm IN MEXICO RIGT NOW!!! Lol anyway, EPIC PART!!! Keep it up!

  • Guyz part 9 is out and the dumb thing is not showing but it is on my profile


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