How Long Should My Hair Be? Part 2 Visual?

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This is the second part of the quiz. Remember to write down your score and the percentage. After completing the test, go To How Long Should My Hair Be? Final Essay.

There are 2 close answers when really there shoulder be close and Shoulder length as a result. Sry about that. I also changed the result pics for some of them. Also, for the Fourth of July question, substitute that for winter.

Created by: Vira Dash
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  1. Do you wear glasses?
  2. So you have any piercings?
  3. Any tattoos?
  4. Imagine you have long hair. How would you keep it for most of spring?
  5. Summer?
  6. Fall?
  7. Fourth of July?
  8. Halloween?
  9. Thanksgiving?
  10. Christmas?
  11. New Years?
  12. New Year's Day?
  13. Easter?
  14. You see a man with no hair.
  15. He has a buzz cut.
  16. He has short hair.
  17. His hair is collar length.
  18. Shoulder length?
  19. About pec length.
  20. Pretend you have pec length hair for these next few questions. You just got out of the shower and it's very wet.
  21. It is very clean, very soft, and very shiny and lustrous.
  22. You are outside, doing heavy lifting and garden work, and you have to cut down a tree for firewood.
  23. You are very dirty from all of that work and your hair is very sweaty. You can't take a shower for 2 hours.
  24. You are shirtless, and down in Florida.
  25. You are dressed up for a wedding ceremony.
  26. When drying it, do you let it air dry, blow dry, or towel dry?
  27. Do you use a comb, brush, or your hands to style it?
  28. You are taking a picture.
  29. What do you consider, "clean cut"?
  30. Are you a leader o a follower?
  31. Would you ever join the marines?
  32. Which one of these sounds like you?
  33. You become a father and you have long hair.
  34. How unique would you ever want to be?
  35. Which one would you rather be in?
  36. What position would you be in football?
  37. If you were famous, what would you do to get attention?
  38. If you had long hair, and you had to cut it, what would it be for?
  39. You walk to the barber to get it cut.
  40. You sit in the barbers chair, the cutter is measuring your hair and feeling it.
  41. She ties it in a ponytail.
  42. She starts cutting it.
  43. How do you feel about it?
  44. To you, men with long hair are.
  45. To you, men with short hair are.
  46. To you, long hair is.
  47. Do people accept people with long hair?
  48. How about short hair?

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