Games of Life part1

Welcome to Panem! This is for you lovers of thehunger games! This takes place 13 years after the book. You were named after Katniss Everdeen. You are like her in most ways.

Here are the boys desriptions- Blaze: Honey colored hair, dark brown eyes, and tan skin. Stocky build, 4 pack. Blake: Black colored hair, bright teal eyes, tan skin. Stocky build, 6 pack. Enjoy!

Created by: Mistyheart13

  1. The arrow zooms through the air, hitting the deer perfectly. The kill is instant.
  2. You swiftly climb down to retrieve the deer. As you do, your hunting partner,Blaze, comes up behind you. "Nice shot, Katinessa" he says. "Stop calling me that!" you reply. "It's bad enough to be named Katniss." Yes, your mother named you after 13 year's hunger games champion.
  3. "Well, we gotta go. Wear something nice for the reaping." Blake said. You were hoping. You had your entered 75 times for tribute.
  4. TIME FLASH}REAPING} the woman named Carol put her hand into the bowl and pulled out a slip of paper. "Katniss Carnoa."
  5. You made your way up to the stage, the cameras focused on you and the navy blue satin dress you wore. Another slip was drawn. "Blake Somize." We shook hands. I knewthisboy would go down, but not without a fight.
  6. Like normal, the anthem ended and you were sent away to meet Katniss. "Hey Katniss." Katniss said. She was smiling. "You can call me Kat." You said laughing. She just smiled more.
  7. That night you slept contently on the train. In your sleep you gripped your silver mockingjay pin. It was the onlything you had left of home.
  8. Cliffhanger! Leave suggestions inthe comments!
  9. By the way... you are 13 live in disrict 12 and have a sister who is 8. Your sisters name is Rose. You are excellent at bow&arrow.
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