The hunger games quizzaz

There are many smart hunger games people, but few hunger games experts. An expert is afterall quite extrordinary. Clever, in the ways of the hunger games.

Are you a hunger games expert? Find out by taking my hunger games expert quiz! I have three more quizzes and a what character are you in the hunger games, so tune in and stick around!

Created by: Thethree3
  1. Katniss often goes hunting with her best friend Gale. Gale and Katniss trade their game in _______.
  2. Prim's cat's name is...
  3. Gale's mom's name is...
  4. Gale goes into the woods to hunt. The new head peacekeeper catches him and punishes him by...
  5. Katniss is demonstrating what she knows about tying knots for the instructers, she hangs a dummy, and writes _______ in red.
  6. Johanna mason cuts Katnisses arm to get the ______ out.
  7. Katniss hears Prim screaming in the woods. ______ pulls her over to tell her it was a bird.
  8. The bird is called a _____.
  9. Who first finds out the arena is a clock?
  10. Katniss gets trapped in the woods by the electric fence. She finds a tree to climb up so she can get over it. What is the tree?
  11. Katniss jumps from the branch and lands hard in the snow hurting her __
  12. Katniss models what?
  13. The two girls who come up to Katniss hand her a _____ with the mockingjay on it.
  14. They hand it to her and say...
  15. The mockingjay pin is a sign for...

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