are you a 'wings' book fan?

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There are many 'book worms". Take me for example. But this quiz is on a specific book, WINGS! by Aprilynne Pike. Thank her for writing it! :-) I love it!!!

Are you a wings book fan. Take this quiz and find out. I wish you good luck on this quiz as it goes from really easy to hard. but if you are a big fan of wings (like me) it will be a breeze!

Created by: Bex123

  1. Whats the main character's name?
  2. What are the names of the two boys who love laurel?
  3. What is Laurel?
  4. When was Laurel born?
  5. What can Laurel do thats magic?
  6. what colour eyes does tamani have?
  7. Can David do magic?
  8. Can Tamani do magic?
  9. Who is Laurel's best friend (girl)?
  10. What is Barnes?
  11. Who (apart from Laurel) fancys David?
  12. Which weapon does barnes use a lot!?
  13. How did barnes try to kill David and Laurel at the start?
  14. Why didn't Laurel just cut off her petals?

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Quiz topic: Am I a 'wings' book fan?