Do you know wings of fire book one?

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My quiz is a test to see if you are truly a master at Wings of Fire book one. I will make a book two and maybe an updated book one quiz so it has more questions. Hope u have fun!

Now before you begin warning! i may have made a few typos here and there and i have made my concluding process possibilities kind. I wish for u to ignore any typos plz! Good luck cause its about to start!

Created by: Indominus Raptor
  1. What did Webs do when the Skywings found their cave?
  2. What did Clay find out his mother had done to his egg?
  3. Who killed Kestrel?
  4. What did Clay find out he can do?
  5. Why did Kestrel have black burn marks on her claws?
  6. How did Hvitur die?
  7. Why was Morrowseer unpleased at the dragonet gardians Webs, Kestrel, and Dune?
  8. Where was tsunami from?
  9. Why had the war begun in the first place!? (Put that book down and answer the question*No cheats!)
  10. What dragon was Glory?
  11. What dragon was Sunny?
  12. What dragon was Clay?
  13. What dragon was Tsunami?
  14. What dragon was Starflight?
  15. What was Starflight best at?
  16. What could starflight not do that most other Nightwings could?

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Quiz topic: Do I know wings of fire book one?