What dragonet of destiny are you?

there are 5 dragonets of destiny. they each have their own personality! they all come from the book wings of fire.what is wings of fire? only the best book ever made!

which dragonet are you? are you Clay the mudwing? Tsunami the seawing? Glory the rainwing? Starflight the nightwing? or Sunny the sandwing? take the quiz and find out!

Created by: zcisfei
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  1. CLAY: hello, today the dragonets will ask the questions. i'll go first. what is your favorite food? TSUNAMI: of course you would ask that.
  2. TSUNAMI: my turn!(rubs palms together evilishly).this will be an RP question: you have a friend that is getting punched in the face, and their lip is all bloody and- SUNNY: ahhh!stop! do you wanna scare everyone?? TSUNAMI: fine... what would you do if your friend was getting punched?
  3. GLORY: how tall are you?
  4. STARFLIGHT: ummm.....whats your favorite scroll? GLORY/TSUNAMI:of course.
  5. SUNNY: yeah! my turn. whats your....favorite color?! TSUNAMI:thats a stupid question!
  6. ALL: bye!
  7. sorry there are still a few questions...
  8. whats your fave animal?
  9. what kind of weather do you like?
  10. what word would describe you best?
  11. LAST ONE!!!!pic a face

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Quiz topic: What dragonet of destiny am I?