What is your Twilight Vampire power?

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Welcome, Twilight Saga fans! Are you a mind-reader, like Edward, or can you see the future, like Alice? Maybe you can cause pain, like Jane! Take this quiz to find out what your vampire power is! In this quiz, I have placed you in a hypothetical situation where you have been transformed into a vampire. Your results will show you what you were like as a human, and your newfound vampire power!

I will say, if you haven't read/watched the whole series, there may be some minor spoilers in the questions/answer options. Also, only true Twilight nerds will be able to understand some of the questions. Not all of the vampire powers are included in the results, but I tried to choose the most common/powerful/unique. Enjoy!

Created by: Zippycat10
  1. Let's say you find out your best friend hates you. What is the first thing that crosses your mind?
  2. Can you tell if someone is lying to you?
  3. Do you consider yourself an empath?
  4. Which of these do you want most in a romantic partner?
  5. What is your best quality out of these options?
  6. Out of these options, which is your favorite music genre?
  7. Are you good at hiding your true emotions around others?
  8. What power do you want to have?
  9. Who is your favorite character in Twilight out of these options?
  10. Do you care more for loyalty or empathy in a friend?
  11. Which coven would you want to belong to?
  12. Where do you find yourself at your most intelligent?
  13. During your vampire transformation, how do you think you would act?
  14. Out of these options, which character from Twilight do you find most attractive? (This question is based more off of personality than looks.)

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Quiz topic: What is my Twilight Vampire power?