Harry Potter VS Twilight

Twilight is a Vampire, Harry Potter is a wizard. What happened if Vampire and wizard racing? Who wins? If are Twilight or Harry Potter Fans, you'll click this quiz, and make your champion win! And don't forget to rate and comment!

Do You love Twilight? Do you love Harry Potter? if you really love them, you'll know who will wins, right? Well, i don't think so. You never know how the future going to be. Well, i know, who will win. So, try out this quiz!

Created by: ToPotter

  1. Hi, Harry Potter Fan!
  2. Hi too, Twilight Fan!
  3. Which one is better? Twilight or Harry Potter?
  4. My friend say she DO NOT like Harry potter. I say, she is weird
  5. Have you ever read/seen Twilight?
  6. What is O.W.L?
  7. What is N.E.W.T?
  8. Who is Rebecca Black?
  9. Who is Roger Davies?
  10. When is Edward the Vampire be a vampire?
  11. Why Edward want to move from Biology class?
  12. Why Harry have green eyes?
  13. When is Dudley get his new bike? How old? What is Harry feeling?
  14. Okay. Bye. Will you rate and comment?

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