How Well Do YOU Know the Twilight Saga?

This is a quiz to test your Twilightism, do you REALLY know everything that Twilight has to offer?? DO you believe that you are a Twilight genius?????

Are you a TRUE Twilight fan or just saying you are so your friends will leave you alone?? Have you ever read the books or seen the movies?? DO you know who Edward Cullen is??

Created by: GleekedOut

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  1. What is Isabell Swans nickname?
  2. Who is the first person that says hi to Isabella?
  3. Who is the first person who asked Isabella to prom?
  4. In the book Twilight what does Alice do to Isabella that ISNT in the movie??
  5. When does Jacob figure out he has turned??
  6. Whoses ring did Edward give Bella when he proposed?
  7. Why cant the pack hurt Renesmee?
  8. Whose daughter is Renesmee Cullen??
  9. Why doe Edward want to die?
  10. Who is in charge on Edward & Isabella's wedding??

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Twilight Saga?