Warrior cats she-cats love story #3

Welcome to part three of my Warrior cats she-cats love story quizzes!!! You will find out what happens at the Gathering(ish), and also meet a new tom.

Im sorry, I had to speed up your apprenticeship. You become a warrior in this one, because I didnt know what else you should do as an apprentice. Ill make a quiz called Warrior cats she-cats love story assessment, after I finish the series.

Created by: Shimmerdream

  1. Who did you like last time?
  2. Where did we end off last time?
  3. You hear Hollystars yowl, starting the Gathering. You look up, and see the other Clan leaders sitting beside her. Redstar of LeafClan, Ivystar of SpringClan, and Adderstar of NightClan. Hollystar begins. She says, LightningClan has gotten five new apprentices; Shadowpaw, Milkweedpaw, Amberpaw, Hazelpaw, and Echopaw.
  4. You look up with pride as every cat calls your name. You barely hear the rest of Hollystars report, because you are thinking about
  5. The Gathering has ended. You say goodbye to
  6. You head over to join your Clanmates. As you walk over, a gray/grey and white LeafClan apprentice comes over to you. He says, Hi. Its Echopaw, right? Im Eaglepaw. You, yo, youre cute youre thinking
  7. EAGLEPAW! You hear Redstar calling him. Bye, gotta go! See you later, okay? Come to the next Gathering! Ill miss you and think of you every moment until then! Eaglepaw leaves. You go to join your own Clanmates.
  8. Time skip to your warrior ceremony. Hollystar calls you forward. She already gave the others their names, Amberheart, Hazelshine, Shadowpool, and Milkweedleaf. Finally, she gave you your warrior name; Echobreeze. You hear your Clanmates yowls of happiness, AMBERHEART! HAZELSHINE! SHADOWPOOL! MILKWEEDLEAF! ECHOBREEZE!
  9. You cant wait until the next Gathering so you can see
  10. And tell them your warrior name.
  11. Youre on vigil with Shadowpool, Milkweedleaf, Hazelshine, and Amberheart. Suddenly, you hear something, some kind of growling behind you. And...

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