Talossan voters' compass mar/apr 2013

This is a guide to help you find out which of the parties contesting the March-April 2013 General Election in Talossa that are closest to your views. You will be asked to tell whether you agree or disagree with 23 statements. (The first two questions about age and gender are from the quiz site. They have no effect on your quiz result.)

Remember that these questions are often simplifications of the issues. To get to know more about the different parties and the issues Talossa faces it is advisable to read some of the discussion on witt and the platforms/manifestos of the different parties.

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  1. The semi-permeable wall act, which prevents Talossa from having formal relations with micronations, should be repealed.
  2. It is a problem that everything in Talossa revolves around Wittenberg.
  3. The King is a crucially important symbol for Talossan nationhood and unity.
  4. The King should become purely a symbolic figurehead and have no powers at all.
  5. The mandatory oath of citizenship should be replaced by a simple pledge of allegiance to the Kingdom.
  6. It should be more difficult than today to become a citizen.
  7. The Organic Law (the constitution) should be easier to amend.
  8. Parties shouldnt assign Cosa seats to citizens who are not on their candidate list (including new citizens).
  9. The Secretary of State should be required to be non-partisan, i.e., not be a member of a political party.
  10. It is not important that Talossa remain a monarchy; it should eventually become a republic.
  11. New citizens should be allowed to choose a province different from their usual assignment, if they wish to do so.
  12. "Behaving like a 'real' country" is a goal that often does Talossa more harm than good.
  13. Elections to the Ziu should be conducted purely by secret ballot.
  14. It is important that there be only one Wittenberg; private and government Talossan business and discussions should continue to be conducted on a single set of forums at the same site.
  15. The government should have full contact and birth details of all citizens.
  16. When elections are conducted by the Chancery, Senators should be elected in a process where voters rank all candidates, not just vote for one candidate.
  17. Parties should be obliged to come up with a Candidate list when participating in Cosa elections.
  18. No member of the cosa may hold more than one seat and to achieve this the size of the cosa should be reduced, effectively raising the number of votes needed for a party to be represented in the cosa.
  19. It is a problem that so few Talossans are actually living in Milwaukee.
  20. The Three Strikes law (that you lose your citizenship if you don't show up to vote at least in every third election) should be abolished in favour of another method to determine continued citizenship.
  21. Dual citizenship in Talossa and a micronation should be banned or heavily restricted.
  22. Talossa is a Christian nation and this should be reflected in its laws.

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