How Compass Cove Are You?

There have been many Compass Cove employees, but only a few of them really know what goes on every day. Being a true Compass Cove employee means that you hate Myrtle Beach tourists, love the off-season, and play way too much while at work. Are you a Compass Cove employee?

Do you have what it takes to make it into the top percentile of Compass Cove employees that know EVERYTHING about everyone? Finally, a quiz that lets fellow CC employees know whether you're "in" or "out".

Created by: Kinsley

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  1. How much do you love dealing with guests?
  2. On average how on time are you to work?
  3. Are you a smoker?
  4. A guest enters the lobby, throws their rooms keys at you and demands a refund without explanation. You:
  5. Do you work at Compass Cove?
  6. Patrick's position is:
  7. How many assistants has Catherine been through?
  8. Who is the patron saint of Compass Cove?
  9. Tom's thumbs __________.
  10. What is the purpose of 2R?
  11. Who is our resident slim-fast aficionado?
  12. Bear will give you a thousand dollars cash money because his is:
  13. How do you spell rosatia?
  14. "Carrot Toe" refers to what/whom?
  15. When a guest comes to check-in, what is the most commonly used phrase?
  16. What is Phil's favorite catchphrase?
  17. What is the average amount of hours a Compass Cove guest spent on the road to get here? (You know, that number that everyone seems to give)
  18. How many cups of coffee do you drink daily?
  19. Fill in the blanks. _____ what you _____.
  20. Michael's office TV is for what purpose?
  21. Who should be the first to go?

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Quiz topic: How Compass Cove am I?