The Council Quiz (Richardson Texas)

Self-government is one of the most important activities of a free people, yet all too often, the voters don't fully understand how their government works.

This quiz is aimed at voters in Richardson, Texas, to allow them to evaluate their understanding of the make-up, duties, and functions of their City Council.

Created by: RumorCheck of RumorCheck
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  1. How many members are on the Richardson City Council?
  2. How many Council places are there in Richardson?
  3. Which place is the mayor?
  4. How many Council districts does Richardson have?
  5. How do the people of Richardson vote for the members of the Council?
  6. How long are the terms for members of the Council?
  7. When are members of the Council normally elected?
  8. What are the term limits for members of the Council?
  9. What does it mean that the four Council districts are geographically unique?
  10. What is a quorum for the Richardson City Council?
  11. How is the number for the quorum set for the Richardson City Council?
  12. What are the two kinds of meetings that the Council regularly schedules?
  13. How often does the Council meet in a work session?
  14. How often does the Council meet in a regular meeting?
  15. Where do these worksessions and Council meetings normally take place?
  16. When are the agendas published for the next (Monday) Council meeting?
  17. Where are the agendas posted?
  18. Who sets the initial agenda for worksessions and Council meetings?
  19. Is the public allowed to attend Council meetings?
  20. How can I see Council meetings other than going to them?
  21. Is the public allowed to speak at meetings of the Council?
  22. What can the public speak on at Council meetings in the Visitors Section?
  23. How long can a single person speak at a Council meeting in the “Visitors Section”?
  24. When are the Council budget workshops each year?
  25. When does the budget (usually) get approved by the Council each year?
  26. How can I find out who the members of the Council are?
  27. How are the 4 geographic Council districts roughly laid out?
  28. How are the geographic Council district boundaries determined?
  29. Where can Council meetings be held?
  30. Are Council members required to vote on all motions?

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