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The state motto of Texas is "Friendship." The word, Texas, or Tejas, was the Spanish pronunciation of a Caddo Indian word meaning "friends" or "allies." Did you know Texas has dozens of state symbols?

This quiz will see if you know some of the more popular and well known symbols. How many of the state symbols do you think you know? Impress your friends!

Created by: Steve
  1. What is the state bird of Texas?
  2. What is state flower of Texas?
  3. What the state tree of Texas?
  4. What is the state dish of Texas?
  5. What is the state dog breed of Texas?
  6. What is the state insect of Texas?
  7. What is the state musical instrument?
  8. What is the state sport of Texas?
  9. What is the state mammal of Texas?
  10. What is the state pepper of Texas?

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