How Texas are you?

Many people think that they know all about the great state of Texas... But how much do you know? This state has a great deal of misconceptions... But can you see through them?

Do YOU know about Texas? There are many things that people do not know about Texas, but there is more that has been mistold. Can you prove that you know better?

Created by: frogeyedape
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  1. What is the Capital of Texas?
  2. True/False Texas is the Lone Star State.
  3. What is the state flower?
  4. What is the state bird?
  5. What is the national bird? (This is really just a for fun question. You should know this, though. No effect on your score.)
  6. True/False There was a battle at the Alamo.
  7. Followup question: if there was a battle at the Alamo, where in Texas was it located?
  8. What are the tests taken to pass into the next grade?
  9. Is Texas a mining state?
  10. True/False Is everyone in Texas a cowboy/cowgirl?
  11. Follow up question: are there cowboys/girls in Texas?
  12. Why is Texas known for the Lone Star?

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Quiz topic: How Texas am I?