The Mayor Quiz (Richardson Texas)

Self-government is one of the most important activities of a free people, yet all too often, the voters don't fully understand how their government works.

This quiz is aimed at voters in Richardson, Texas, to allow them to evaluate their understanding of the duties and responsibilites of the mayor of the City.

Created by: RumorCheck of RumorCheck
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  1. The mayor is the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Richardson.
  2. The mayor has a vote on the Council.
  3. The mayor has the power to introduce motions.
  4. The mayor is the primary person to set the agenda.
  5. The primary duty of the mayor according to the Charter is to run Council meetings.
  6. The mayor can veto acts of the Council.
  7. The mayor can assume special powers per State Code in cases of emergency.
  8. The mayor appoints the members of Richardson boards and commissions.
  9. The mayor always speaks first on an issue at Council meetings.
  10. The mayor is elected every two years.
  11. The mayor can remove a councilmember for official misconduct.
  12. The mayor is exempt from term limits.
  13. The mayor proposes the budget.
  14. The mayor is the official representative of the City.
  15. The council can remove the mayor for official misconduct.
  16. The mayor can hire/fire City employees.
  17. The mayor hires/fires the City Attorney and the City Secretary.
  18. The mayor has always been elected directly by the people
  19. The mayor reviews the Council agenda with the City Manager.
  20. The next mayor of Richardson will be an Aggie.

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