Electoral Compass for Talossa's 49th Cosa

There are five parties contesting the General Election for the 49th Cosa and four parties participated in our Electoral Compass. Complete the Electoral Compass to find which direction you should take as you prepare to vote!

Parties participating in the 49th Cosa Electoral Compass: FreeDems, MRPT, RUMP and TNC. Complete the Electoral Compass to determine which party's policy stances most closely match your views.

Created by: Breneir Itravilatx of Kingdom of Talossa
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  1. Parties should not assign Cosa (lower house of parliament) seats to citizens who are not on their candidate list (including new citizens).
  2. CpI justices should not be members of political parties.
  3. The Chancery should not provide an option to vote publicly in Cosa elections.
  4. The Royal Commission should come up with a proposal for an entire new constitution rather than a series of separate amendments.
  5. Talossa should eventually become a republic.
  6. The Organic Law (constitution) should become smaller by incorporating current articles into the Lexhatx (the legal code).
  7. Talossa should engage in diplomatic relationships with micronations.
  8. New citizens should be allowed to choose a province different from their usual assignment, if they wish to do so.
  9. Members of the Cosa for an opposition party should not also be ministers.
  10. Prospective citizens should provide a copy of their ID before becoming a citizen.
  11. The Seneschal (Prime Minister) should be directly elected by the members of the Cosa, rather than chosen by the monarch after securing a parliamentary majority.
  12. The Chancery should have a list of the Talossan name, email address, age, and country/state of residence for all citizens.
  13. The vote of Senators should be weighted based on how many citizens they represent.
  14. Talossa should try to behave like a real country, in most respects.
  15. The Cosa should have only 20 seats, rather than 200.
  16. Parties should be required to come up with a candidate list in order to participate in Cosa elections.
  17. The King an important symbol for Talossan nationhood and unity.
  18. There should be a fee for accepting seats in the Senate.
  19. Talossa should remain a hereditary monarchy.
  20. The Organic Law should be easier to amend.
  21. The fee for parties participating in Cosa elections should remain in place.
  22. Parties should be allowed to send electoral communications to all citizens via the Chancery.
  23. The largest party should form a minority cabinet, rather than forming a coalition.
  24. It is a problem that everything in Talossa revolves around the Internet message board, Wittenberg.
  25. Prospective citizens should pass a citizenship exam before becoming a citizen.
  26. Instead of being appointed by the King based on the advice of a Cosa majority, the Seneschal should be directly elected by the people using a preferential voting method.
  27. There should be a democratic way to remove or replace the King.
  28. Party leaders should have access to the email addresses of all citizens, unless those citizens opt-out.
  29. If enough people support it, citizens should be allowed to pass legislation in a referendum independently of the Ziu (parliament).
  30. The government should pay for web-hosting, not the King.
  31. Provincial catchment areas should be changed to become more geographically compact.
  32. Sen├Ąts elections conducted by the Chancery should be conducted using a preferential voting method instead of using First Past The Post.
  33. Talossa should have fewer provinces (currently, there are eight).
  34. The King should not be allowed to veto amendments to the Organic Law.
  35. Talossans should lose their citizenship if they do not vote or respond to a census at least every two years.
  36. The government should use funds collected by donations to give to charity.
  37. People moving permanently across provincial reassignment boundaries should automatically change province as well.

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