Are You My Perfect Match?? (Boys ONLY)

This quiz is just for fun. To find out if you are my perfect match! Just remember everyone is a winner in my quizzes! I hope you get the top score!!!!

Are you my match? Could you be my long lost should mate? Again this quiz is for fun!!! Make sure to check out my other quizzes! And everyone is a winner!

Created by: Rebecka
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do youz like video gam3s???
  2. What's your personality?
  3. (I'm not trying to be resist) what's your skin color
  4. What's your eye color?
  5. How random are you??
  6. What's your hair color?
  7. Where would you take me on a first date?
  8. What's your weight? (I'm not trying to be rude. I just wanna know)
  9. What do you like to wear?
  10. Do you like drawing?
  11. Do you like creepypasta?
  12. I'm 11 years of age, I LOVE video games, I like really sweet guys and tall ones, I'm tannish pale, I have blue eyes, I'm pretty random, I have brown hair with blonde high lights, I like the movies, I'm average in weight, I like hoodies and ripped jeans and high tops, I LOVE to draw, and i LOVE LOVE LOOOVE creepypasta! So what do you think of me?

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Quiz topic: Am I My Perfect Match?? (Boys ONLY)