Spirit stallion of the cimmiron quiz

Spirit stallion of the cimmeron. A very well known and beloved movie by most people I know. The loving story about a horse and his complicated life dealing with the bad guys and still coming out on top.

How well do u know spirit? Are u a die hard fan or did u watch it once and still remember little parts of it? See how well u love spirit and take this quiz.

Created by: Caitlin :)
  1. What is spirits mums name?
  2. What paint do the native Americans use on The horses?
  3. What is spirits full name?
  4. What colour is spirit?
  5. Who sang the songs in spirit?
  6. When is the next movie coming out?
  7. Which of these animals are not In the movie?
  8. What reminded spirit of his herd?
  9. T or f: the u.s horses are on spirits side?
  10. What colour is spirits son/s
  11. Which of these doesn't attack spirit or his herd?
  12. What colour are rains eyes?
  13. What is the first song in the movie?
  14. Spirit hates:

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