Mare Gelding Or Stallion? And What Breed?

This is the quiz that you have been waiting for! It judges on personality to make sure you have the most definite match! This quiz will rock you socks

So, are you a mare, a gelding or a big sexy stallion? Come and see, apprentices, you will be rewarded! Have fun and share this quiz with your friends!

Created by: Hattie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You chipped a hoof!
  2. What would You do if your owner took you along to a dressage day?
  3. What would you eat if you were allowed human food?
  4. Your saddle pad would have to be:
  5. You look for this in a guy/girl:
  6. This question is here to annoy you
  7. Whats your fave song to be played through your speakers in your stable?
  8. Fave colour:
  9. Ur Fave Abbrive:
  10. How good a rider are you? BE HONEST

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