Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island Quiz

The Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island book series is written by Terri Farley, and if you love horses, you'll love these books! Darby Carter moves to Hawaii because her mom is filming a movie in Tahiti, and Darby needs to go to Hawaii to train her sorrel Mustang filly, Hoku.

Test your Wild Horse Island knowledge here to find out what you REALLY know! (Books 1, 4, 5, 8 and 10 are included) Good luck with the quiz and hope you love the books!

Created by: Hannah

  1. Why is Judge sent along with Hoku? Who's horse is Judge?
  2. What color is Hoku?
  3. Which horse does Darby ride before Hoku will let her?
  4. What does "Moku Lio Hihiu" mean?
  5. What is the ranch Darby now lives on called?
  6. What does 'Luna' mean in their language?
  7. Where did Hoku come from?
  8. Which horse was worried when her foal ran away?
  9. In which book does Darby first ride Hoku? In what book does Shan Stonerow try to claim Hoku?
  10. Which horse did Kit adopt?
  11. What are two of the cremelos' names?
  12. How did the first trail ride turn out?
  13. Why did Shan Stonerow finally give in to let Darby keep Hoku?
  14. What is Sugarfoot's problem?

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