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  • i love Ty!!

    VAMPxKITTY Mar 1 '13, 11:55PM
  • I loved the ending it was AMazing cant wait till i take your other quizzes

    Faith Mar 6 '12, 11:25PM
  • Hey that sounds really interesting Mythologyfreak! I'll go with what you said now i am very interested! BTW: love your quizzes Selena112!

    pkiera75 Mar 28 '11, 11:26PM
  • Do the quiz called "Through Leo's Eyes!" And I have a really good idea. Make a mysterious guy that are Solpires and Lunpires combined and has every one of their powers!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLLLEEAAASSSEE USE THIS IDEA!!!!!

    Mythologyfreak Mar 14 '11, 7:33PM

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