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  • When you're a ftm and your name is Alex, and your boyfriend's name is Aiden, but you get the result Aiden.

    QuicklyItsAlex Mar 14 '19, 1:33AM
  • 72% Scarlet seriously that is not even close to my real name LOL

    Littlewolfgirl Sep 17 '18, 12:28AM
  • Skyler smh 😂

    Leuchtturm Feb 7 '18, 1:49AM
  • i actually have an emo friend named Skylar ( thats not the name I got i just though that was cool that that was a choice)

    Raven Rabbit Feb 4 '18, 3:24PM
  • whatever scarlett/skylar big deal. :/

    Demigod123 Feb 6 '16, 1:52AM
  • ya they got it right the description according to one of my friends is trulely me i got Scarlett

    willow_ballard Dec 15 '15, 9:44PM
  • Sup

    Gloomy bear Nov 13 '15, 1:47PM
  • I got Scarlett. Descripcion is 100% correct. How could you know I always wanted to have this name?

    Nikt Jun 12 '15, 3:04PM
  • OMG MY REAL NAME IS JADYN (JAYDEN) AND THAT IS WHAT I GOT. I kno that was meant to be a guys name and imma girl but still

    CrimsonAndClover May 24 '15, 12:54PM
  • i like erza scarlet the fairytail character and my emo name is Scarlett/Skyler

    bhabyaki Apr 30 '15, 9:26PM
  • I got Juliette always have been called that thoughy name is Charlotte the universe is obviousely acknowledging me!

    Theroseofblack Jan 11 '15, 2:02AM
  • my real name is skylar and i got scarlett/skyler

    darkangel2283 Nov 10 '14, 1:34PM
  • Tnq frnz...Is dis Scarlett Puja Sona is best??

    Puja Sona Dec 30 '13, 9:17PM
  • Alice/Aiden i wrote story with both name as characters. so accident. I love it

    SierraLouiza Sep 18 '13, 9:57PM
  • sooo wierd i always used to call myself scarlett alot and i still do soooo wierd and i got the name scarlett plus my crush calls me scarlett :)

    scarlett830 Jul 4 '13, 11:05AM
  • wow after i got my hair died how a LOVE it my crush looked at me and said (and i quote), "your not morgan anymore..." and i said, "okay... then who am i" and he said, "Scarlett" and ever since that i have loved that name for me... and i wish i could get everyone to call me that!!

    xXscarlettXx Jan 13 '13, 4:32PM
  • Holy crap I got Scarlett/skyler and my names Scarlett... Guess I have the name the universe wants me to have

    ScarlettRayne Dec 23 '12, 2:33PM
  • Scarlett/Skyler I like Scarlett

    katd13 Aug 16 '12, 9:41PM
  • Oddly I started calling myself skyler before I knew it was my emo name...creepy

    skyler Jul 28 '12, 3:50AM
  • Oddly I started calling myself skyler before I knew it was my emo name...creepy

    skyler Jul 28 '12, 3:49AM
  • Alice. Weird, people often call me that because they don't know my real name. Also I used to date a guy named Aiden. :P Awesome quiz btw. :D

    Firey_Soul Jul 27 '12, 10:31PM
  • My emo names Miku...
    I love that :)
    I'll write it on my hand later.
    I couldnt of been happier with my result, thankyou

    xXMikuXx Jul 1 '12, 3:46PM

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