My GTQ Friends!!!

Hey...I have got so many GTQ friends.They all are kind and nice.Some are supporting and some are fun to talk.Some are advice giving and some are secret sharing.I like all of them and they all are equal to me.

So,Take this quiz and see who are my friends.If we are friends and i forgot to add you, then don't worry i will add you.You just simply write it in your comments.I will surely add you!

Created by: Gracious
  1. Ilovekittens,You are my sweetest friend!☺
  2. Minecraft girl,You are my bestie!☺
  3. Niecey,You are my supporting friend and my bestie who understands me very well!
  4. Timothy,You are my MOD and supporting friend!
  5. Mcqueen,You are my secret sharing friend!
  6. Vira dash,You are my helping friend!
  7. Donotdisturb,You are my chat friend.
  8. Omegawolf9,You are my first friend and a fabulous friend!
  9. Veronica,You are my best friend and my sis friend!
  10. Anastasia,You are my friend who talks very cutely!
  11. Ilovepuppys,You are my fighter friend!(Kidding,Ha?)
  12. BugBunny,You are my bestest friend!
  13. Happypuupy,You are my newest friend and I like to play Truth or Dare with you!
  14. Samantha,You are my Cute and Close friend.You are cute as your name!
  15. Celia, You are my quiz taker friend!
  16. Johnlennonfan, You are my new friend but you really seem to be nice!
  17. Ariana, You are my newest friend! I am sure you like doing friendship with me!
  18. Shidokusubana, You are my newest newest newest friend. I thought you hate me but you didn't!
  19. Brown-Brown or Carma, You are my TekTek storage friend!

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