How Close are You and Your Girl Friends

You are friends but how close are you. Are you really as good of friends as you thought. Are you best friends almost sisters or do you barley know each other.

This quiz will tell just how close you are. The quiz is designed in such a way that you should think of one friend not a group when taking the quiz. have fun!

Created by: Mary
  1. how often do you hang out.
  2. You are at a party and your friend is sitting in the corner not talking to the person what do you do.
  3. how well does your friend know you?
  4. Your boyfriend just broke up with you what does your friend do when you tell them.
  5. It's your birthday what does your friend do?
  6. You text your friend and say "I'm board" what do they text back.
  7. Is partial nudity exceptable (in underwear)
  8. Do you know each others families.
  9. Have you ever slept in the same bed
  10. How often do you fight

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Quiz topic: How Close am I and my Girl Friends