How close are you to me as a friend?

I have many friends...But do you want to know just how close you are to me? Take this quiz! I judge them by how much you know me so don't be disappointed with your result :) After you are finished please e-mail me the REAL answer.

The first two questions count no points.They are just there for the site so you can type whatever you want in there.If you want to take quizzed that are already made or make your own,visit thx(lol i'm doing a commercial)

Created by: kathy Xiong

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is my favourite animal(s)?
  2. What is my favourite color?
  3. What is my favourite computer game?
  4. What is my last name?
  5. How many boys in class likes me?
  6. What is my favourite TV show?
  7. When did i transfer?
  8. What is the msn e-mail address i'm using right now?(no peeking I really want to know for real)
  9. When was i born?
  10. In the triplets,Which place am I in for the pattern?
  11. Who is my best friend?(I'm sorry about this because there's only one! But you might be my second best friend!)
  12. Just recently,what happened?

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Quiz topic: How close am I to me as a friend?