How much of a friend are you?

There are alot of true friends out there. But not all friends are close together. Some are actually very far apart. Some are very close. Some are in the middle. Maybe you should see what yours is?

Are you a true friend? Do you have what it takes to keep a long friendship? Maybe you do. Maybe you dont. Care to find out? Care to see what how much of a friend you are? Care to take this quiz then?

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When your friend comes over and ask you to come out and your busy...
You put down everything and go with
Tell them you cant
Lie to them and say you'll come over soon
Your bever busy
When your friend is at home watching a scary movie and wants you to come over...
You go over there. After all, you love movies.
You go over there, your friend is hot!
Tell them your about to go somewhere else when your not.
Laugh at them for being scared.
Your friend suddenly loses a family member...
You try to help them out.
You take them out to where they want to go.
You ignore them.
You ask them to shut up!
Your friend is talking about comminting suicide...
You tell them not to, its not worth it.
You call a hotline for them.
You ask if you could help kill them.
You do it for them.
Your friend ordered pizza...
You ask them if you could come over.
They invite you over and you eat more of it then they do.
You offer to bring soda.
You take the pizza and run home.
Your friend comes over that you havnt talked to in a long time...
You invite them in.
You make them stay outside.
Your friend invites you play basketball...
You join them.
You dont want to play.
You tell them that basketball sucks, knowing its there favorite sport.
You tell them you dont want to play, but you'll love to watch.
Your friend wants to do something horrible to another person...
You refuse to do it with them!
You tell them not to, and try getting them to do something else.
You join them!
Your friend runs away...
You leave them.
You try finding them.
You'd rather stay home on the computer.
Your friend has something your jealous of...
You steal it.
You ask if you can have it.
You ask to borrow it, and you know you'll never return it.
You offer to buy it off them.

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