Is Your Best Friend Really Your Best Friend?

You have many friends, and different people in your life, but very few are very close. Take this quiz and find out who to stick with. But make sure you are completely truthful with your answers, because that is the only way you will get real results.

Is your best friend really your best friend? You can never really tell can you? If you take my quiz, it will let you know all you need to know, and I will even give you advice to help you out. I know that no one can see the future, but by taking my quiz, you will hopefully gt a little hint!

Created by: Nadia
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  1. If your best friend was stood up on prom night, and they were really broken up about it, would you leave your hot date to go home with them to make them feel better?
  2. Have you ever ignored your best friends call on purpose?
  3. Have you ever made up an excuse when they wanted you to go somewhere?
  4. Have you ever felt personally betrayed by you friend?
  5. Have you ever been seriously pissed off at your friend?
  6. Have you ever talked about your friend behind their back?
  7. Has your friend ever talked about you behind your back?
  8. Do you really trust your friend?
  9. Have you ever purposely avoided your friend?
  10. Do you feel pressure from your friend to do things that you don't want to?
  11. Last question, would you want your friend to be the best man; maid of honor at your wedding.

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Quiz topic: Is my Best Friend Really my Best Friend?