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  • She doesn't talk to me anymore, I get it. Our friendship will just get old. We'll end up just forgetting about our dreams of being YouTubers together and get a new best friend to do it with. She just stares at me now, instead of saying hi.

    Sorry for wasting your time, people reading this.. :P

    Beautiful123 Sep 28 '16, 9:34PM
  • this quiz was accurate in that what it said was exactly what happened with my first best friend, but theres no way i'll allow myself to drift apart from my current bestfriend :)

    starll Oct 20 '13, 5:13PM
  • I know i did my part to be a best friend but my bff hasen't.

    tlc102068 Mar 12 '13, 2:35AM
  • My BFF and I will be together forever!

    rascal1178 Feb 4 '12, 10:16PM
  • diz quiz iz reliee very gud....specially for the best frenzz.....ohoo i got defenentlyy i juz luv ma frend cant live widout herr.......

    bushra123 Mar 29 '11, 8:39AM
  • Yeah, sure. that's what I thought about too. You assured me, really. Cheers!

    Cavalier Oct 14 '10, 8:39AM

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