Can you catch my eye?

I have many friends....but do they know about me? Do they know my favirote things? What i would do in a situation?This test would help me out.Do you know what scares them or how they react? What is a friend if you barely know anything about them?

Are you one of those people that knows all your close friends by hearts? Or just their friend and think theres no reason for you to remember. Do you have what it takes to be a real friend to me? Just be true about the questions.Can you catch my eye??

Created by: Jamilah
  1. whats your favirote color?
  2. Part 1: Your friend asks if you could go to the teen club you say:
  3. Part 2: IF you said no what would you do instead?
  4. Part 3: If you have said yes what would you wear?
  5. You are new to a school and you get to pick from 5 groups. What would you choose?
  6. You have a friend that smokes. He offers you...what do you say
  7. A girl you know drop her books in the hallway and loses her glasses. The football player cracks them.What do you do?
  8. You see your girlfriend/boyfriend with a group of people you've never seen start walking up but then you see them smoking illegal wonder if your girlfriend/boyfriend is participating. what do you do?
  9. Personal questions: 1.Do you like kids?
  10. 2.are you a person in your school that is noticable?
  11. 13.Are you a nice, loving, friendly, caring,popular,most fantastic,hot looking person?
  12. do you have lots of friends?

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Quiz topic: Can I catch my eye?