the fallen part 20

Hey people, I'm here with another nail-bting chapter of The Fallen. Now, I realised I had gone to soppy-love story on you all, so I changed it. We're getting back to magic.

Next quiz will not be out todya, will be out this week. School holidays and stuff, you know? Well, whatever, I'm off. now. Well, I have to use 150 letters. Now I'm off, bye xxx.

Created by: DaynaC
  1. Nathan and Ryan are waiting in the hallway for you, but you shake your head at them. You need to be here, apparently. Max looks confused, "What's going on, William?" He asks,. It feels like forever since anybody had called hin William. "Max, it's important. I have two things to tell you..." Will begins.
  2. "Go on," Max says, "Max, last night..." Will began, "Oh, I thought as much. Nobody else can read minds but you two, but I'm a healer - physically and emotionally. I knew something was up." "Last night, Ryan saw something totally... well, not totally innocent, but he still exaggerated it." Will said.
  3. "Let me guess, you kissed again. In your room, will?" Max guessed, "Uh... yeah. How did you...?" Will asked, "I'm a good guesser. I understand why you told me. What's the other thing?" He says blankly.
  4. "I might have found a way to save you." Will said, "I can heal you for a little while on my own, for about a few hours. You'd be in top-shape for a while. If I do that for a while, You'll be fine! _____ can help too, I can teach her, if you don't mind ____."
  5. "Sure, but we can't top up his health every few hours of everday!" You say. "Look, he's being poisoned by Leria, she'd have the antidote somewhere surely. Or a power of healing strong enough to heal Max. We need to find and kill Leria! If you're okay with killing your ex, Max."
  6. "If it's what's... best? I'm sorry, I'm a healer Will, I find it hard to contemplate killing a girl I loved." Max said, you think for a while about what would happen as a result of Leria's death...
  7. "She didn't love you back. You're dying because of her." Will says, "Nathan would die, Will." You say bluntly. "____'s right. We couldn't." Max says, "I've got a plan for that too." Will says and calls the guys back in.
  8. "Nathan, you're soulless, right?" Will asks, "Uh... not entirely soulless but mainly" Nathan replies, "But you're like this because Leria's stroing some of her soul in you, so she has partial control over what you do." Will says, "Yeah, why?" Nath replies, "What if we seperated your souls? It'll hurt like hell, but it might work"
  9. "I'm going to heal Max, so he may be 'miraculously' better." Will says, "When we're home. We'll split your soul from Leria's and attach it to one of us. Any volunteers?" Will smiles
  10. "I'll do it." You say. "Good, if you're sure. Part of you will be with Nathan until you're both dead." Will says, "I'm sure." You say.
  11. Will heals Max using power transerfal, part of the psychinc powers. When the doctor arrives, he disisses Max surprised. Will has a headache from the masses of thoughts in the hospital. You, bored rearrange some furniture, tidying up the mess Leria had made last night.

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