In The End - Part 3

Welcome back to Part Three of In The End, it seems like yesterday I did part two haha :D If you haven't done part one or two, I suggest you go do it now ;} Going on from last time, you where listening in on the conversation of the three guys and you feel over and made a loud bang, now all the boys are crowding around you :D So, go on, who will you end up with In The End? :D One thing, I realise that some people might be thinking that I'm copying xxdarkxx's quizes. Yes, I have done all of xxdarkxx's quizes, and I did get inspration from them, but in no way am I trying to copy her. Thanks :}

Alex- Kinda short, tanned, dark brown eyes, almost black, black hair with blonde bits at the front and back, covers some of his forehead. Loves dancing. He’s the father figure of the group. Dion - Average height, very pale, green eyes that seem to shine, but covered over with dark brown hair. Shy, emo, doesn't talk much, but loves to draw and play guitar. Often find him listening to music. Jake - Tall, muscly, tanned, ocean blue eyes, with messy, dirty blonde coloured hair. Outgoing, loves hugs, plays almost all sports, but dislikes BMX and skateboarding. He and Keifer are best friends. Keifer - Average height, pale, but not as pale as Dion, purple/blue eyes, they change colour :) messy blonde hair. He's the smart one of the group, you'll often find him with his head in a book.

Created by: kaciie

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  1. The three boys are standing around you, still looking angry, before they realise that it’s you, and their expressions soften slightly. You hear some footsteps coming from the music room, which is when you see Dion walking towards you looking slightly confused. Alex, Keifer and Dion both start to help pick up the mess that’s on the floor but Jake remains still, looking at you with a slightly confused and hurt expression. After cleaning up the mess, Jake takes your hand a leads you outside. It’s a cold night and you’re only wearing a singlet. You shiver slightly and hope Jake won’t talk for too long. He sits you down on a seat near the pool, and smiles brightly at you. “_______, why were you listening in on our conversation?” He asks you, still smiling. “I don’t know... I thought you were just talking about any old thing I guess, but then you started arguing.” You smile back at him “Who were you talking about?” You ask. He looks away towards the moon and pushes his hair away from his face. What are you thinking?
  2. Jake continues to look towards the moon for awhile, before turning back to you. “Look, maybe I’ll tell you some other times, it’s a slightly tender topic to talk about.” He smiles at you. Seeing your slightly confused and hurt expression he takes your hand in his a gives it a slight squeeze before lifting you up and dumping you into the pool, where he soon joins you. What do you think?
  3. After a short late night, very cold and very wet swim, you manage to make you way up to your room and in to your pj’s. Just as you’re about to snuggle down into bed, you hear a quiet knock on the door, it’s Keifer. He walks and smiles at you, before sitting down on your bed. “Hey, I heard what you a Jake were talking about; it is a pretty tender topic. I guess you could say all of our pasts are tender topic.” He looks at you with his colour changing eyes, “Some more than others of course.” He smiles at you. “Can you tell me about yours? And the others?” You ask. “I can tell you about mine, but you’re better off asking the guys about their own pasts.” He smiles and pats the bed, signalling for you to sit down. You’re thinking?
  4. You sit down next to him and Keifer begins to talk about his past. “I’ve never met any of my family before, my father left my mother when he found out she was pregnant with me, and my mother died while giving birth. So from a very young age I was put into a foster home, but the people I was with never seemed to like me so I was often moved around, it was hard, never having anyone to trust and to talk to. I hated being moved around so much, I just wished I could stay in one place for more than one year.” He looks towards you and then looks back down at his hands. What are you thinking?
  5. After shifting around, Keifer continues with his story. “I started to go crazy, I guess moving around so much does that too you. My current foster parents at the time decided without my consideration involved that I should be put into a mental ward. I spend about 3 years there, and I was actually starting to get better. I guess it was because I wasn’t moving around as much, and I finally had the same people to talk to everyday, without the worry of ever having to move. Just before my third year of staying in the ward, a new guy came in. His name was Alex.” What are you thinking?
  6. Keifer looks up at you and smiles, he continues with his story, still smiling at you. “There were heaps of rumours going around about why he was in there, but I didn’t believe any of them. I hadn’t had a roommate at all since I had been in there, but they decided it might be good for me. Alex seemed quiet at first, but I guess it was because he was grieving. He opened up after a few weeks though. We became good friend.” His smile falters after this, and he looks around everywhere except at you. You’re thinking?
  7. He looks back at you, looking slightly better now. “On the day of my sixteenth birthday, Alex became weird. He was avoiding me and when I said hi, he just ignored me. That night when I came back into my room, Alex was waiting. He asked me if I felt like something had changed. Thinking it was just a joke, I told him that I had turned sixteen. He sat me down and told me to listen. When he didn’t say anything I thought he was going even crazier. But then I heard it, it must of been in a far off distance, but I heard a couple arguing.” He looks out your window into the darkness. “That’s when I finally realised that I might actually be going crazy. I couldn’t sleep that night; I spent ages going through it over in my head. The voices weren’t helping either.” How do you feel about this story?
  8. “When I woke up the next morning, I had to ask Alex what was going on. He told me everything he knew, about magiks, about the bad magiks, about his powers, about my powers. We decided we had to escape together, so we did. That’s when we found an old house that had been abandoned for many years. We renovated it and made it home. We’ve been living here since then. It’s been about five years now. Jake and Dion both joined us and we’ve all been living together for 3 years.” He smiles at you and let’s go of your hand. He walks slowly towards your door. “Thanks for sharing that with me, Keifer.” You smile at him. He smiles back at you and says “Thanks for listening, _________.” He leaves your room and closes the door behind him. What are you thinking now?
  9. You snuggle into bed and slowly drift to sleep... *#!*#!*#!*#! You’re back at the meadow you were in before, but its different this time, the grass is dry and burnt, the flowers within the meadow have wilted and there is a fire rushing towards you. You run, trying to escape, but your legs feel heavy and you can’t run anywhere. You turn to look back at the fire, and then try to continue running. Suddenly there are cold hands wrapped around your throat. You look towards the danger; it’s a dark figure, like a shadow. You struggle against the force, but the figure just laughs and tells you it’s too late, before throwing you into the fire... *#!*#!*#!*#! You wake up screaming. What are you thinking?
  10. You hear footsteps coming towards your bedroom as you sit up in bed sweating and hyperventilating. Keifer is the first person to arrive at your bedroom, followed by Jake and Alex. You wait to see if Dion arrives, but he doesn’t. “_______, are you alright?” Keifer asks you, concerned. Jake comes over and wraps you up in a massive bear hug. “What happened ______?” Alex looks at you concerned. Alex and Keifer sit down on your bed. What do you think?
  11. You tell them what happened in your dream and after comforting you for awhile they leave to prepare breakfast. You get dressed and get your hair and makeup sorted, before heading down for breakfast, Alex, Keifer and Jake are there, but Dion is still nowhere in sight. You all sit down and start to eat breakfast. “So, if you’ve been here for 5 year, how come you don’t a year over 16?” You ask, they look up at you and Jake start laughing, and then answers you, “Because where frozen at 16, we don’t grow older and we don’t grow younger.” He smiles at you. “So, I’m never going to be a day over 16?” You ask, shocked. “Yeah...” Keifer looks at you. “Well at least I don’t have to worry about growing old.” You force out a shaky laugh. You continue to eat in silence. What are you thinking?
  12. After cleaning up breakfast, Alex sits you down and talks to you about your powers. “You have to be careful, your powers are young and they’re going to be hard to control.” He stands up and places a plate on the table. “I want you to try and levitate this plate with your mind.” You look at him confused and surprised. He smiles at you reassuringly “Just try.” You stare at the plate for while before it starts to shake a rise above the table, before you lose concentration and the plate starts to fall. There’s a sudden rush of wind and the plate falls into Alex’s hands. You continue this for awhile, and you slowly start to get better. After about an hour, you suddenly start to feel very tired and sleepy. Alex smiles at you “You’re getting tired because your powers are draining your energy.” You relax on the chair. “How come your not tired then?” You ask Alex. “Because I’ve had my power for so long and I know how to control them, you’ll get used to it soon.” He smiles at you, takes the plate and puts it away. What are you thinking?
  13. After the training you feel really tired so you return to your bedroom and rest on your bed. You look over at your bedside table and the book Keifer gave you is sitting there. You pick it up and start to read. You read up to the third chapter before Jake rushes into your room. “__________, Dion’s run away...!” and...
  14. Part four will be out, in about two weeks or so, after my exams, unless I get lotsa comments :P There wasn’t too much writing I hope, and now where getting into the meaty parts of the story :D Who do you like?

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