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As I promised, here is Part 5! But everything has a catch! There is going to be a part 6 but it will be the final installment of the UnNoticed series......(NEXT PARAGRAPH)

......only to be followed by the sequel that I wrote to go along with the story, UnForgotten! After UnNoticed, you really won't get a choice on who you get to date. You'll see why, but until then, Bon Voyage!....WAIT!! Shoutouts to ViolaLover, MayRose, and xxblutixx. Thanks to all of you for sticking by me during that long freaking summer! Love you guys and hope you keep reading my stuff!!!

Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx
  1. "So are you guys going to the annual end-of-the-year party at Bonnie's place?" Laura asked, switching off her game. "I always go don't I?" I asked, turning the song again. "I've never gone, so there's a first for everything right?" Alec said simply. Notice who said nothing? I looked down at Alec. "So does this mean you get to play designated driver?" "There's going to be alcohol?" Alec asked, looking like a dear in the headlights. Jason, Laura, and I all laughed.
  2. "Of course, we all get hammered and usually spend the night," Laura said, still giggling. "It's going to be fun though," I said. "Every year we play hit the piñata." "But we usually end up falling on our asses or laughing like drunk hyenas," Jason interrupted. "Since Erica's going I guess I am," Alec said, sighing. So Saturday afternoon, Schelby, Laura, Ashley, and Kenna were all packed into my bedroom and got ready for the party. Aunt Lisa only came in to give us snacks and drinks once. I decided to wear my pair of black Kaprees with fishnet stockings, Instead of having to lace up my huge combat boots, I just stuck with my black flip-flops. I wore my long-sleeved black lace shirt with a black tank-top underneath. My hair was the same as always; I let it down and began my usual make up ritual. Everyone was dressed in similar attire, but with their own personal touches. Some were in skirts, or pants, or even both (Don't ask). We all stepped outside around six and were ready to go. Every year we always walk to Bonnie's house instead of taking cars. I usually just walk to get reactions out of the "normal" people, its just hilariously priceless, and the look on their faces. I lead the way down to Alec's house, where all he guys were getting dressed. I rang the doorbell. Cassandra, Alec's mom answered the door with a wide smile on her face. "Hi Erica," she exclaimed. "The boys are up in Alec's room in you girls wanna go up."
  3. I smirked at the laughs that came from behind me as she told me we could go upstairs. I grinned at her. "Thanks Mrs. Toretto." As we climbed the massive staircase, the distinct sound of Limp Bizket became louder. I went straight to the door, and then stopped. Limp Bizket was now blaring from behind the solid wooden door. "Okay," I told my giggling friends. "If you don't wanna see anything, you might wanna cover your eyes." Kenna and Ashley both slapped hands over their eyes and held onto Schelby and Laura's shoulders. I laughed as I opened the extremely heavy door. "I hope everyones decent! If no, too bad," I cried as it swung open. Danni, of course, squealed like a little girl and hid in the bathroom (he had only a towel on and it was over his yoohoo). Trevor was in his tidy-wides and just stood there like a bump on a log. Jason, who was fully dressed with wet loose hair, was sitting on the bed, lacing his combat boots up. He looked up and smiled widely at me. I beamed back at him.
  4. Anthony was fixing his hair in the mirror with a pound of hair gel. And Alec had his pants on, but was missing a shirt, which, sadly, made me drool a river on account of all the muscles that barred on his chest. The girls followed in behind me and all stopped dead in their tracks. There were clothes everywhere on the floor. Papers were spread across he room like a tornado had hit it. I gawked at the mess, not only "˜cause it was a mess, but because Alec usually kept his room spotless. "What the hell happened here?" I asked, stealing the Cheeto bag from Trevor's hand. Alec pulled a gray shirt over his head and I painfully watched. "Well, Anthony raided my closet and Danni went through my dresser drawers," he answered, spraying on the cologne of his that I love so much. "Yeah, kinda noticed," I said staring at Anthony, who had on one of Alec's shirts. Anthony shrugged. "The guy has great clothes." Alec stole the Cheetos and stuffed a handful in his big mouth. I narrowed my eyes at him and started looking for his manga magazines. While the guys got the rest of the way dressed, us chickas sat and gossiped on Alec's bed. He had a really, really comfy bed and an awesome Slipknot comforter. I didn't really say anything, just sat there, hugging Alec's pillow.
  5. When the guys were done, we all set off to Bonnie's house. She opened the door to her cave-like decorated livingroom. There were fake spiderwebs everywhere, and almost every Halloween decoration you can find. A few shots of whiskey, two glasses of spiked coke, four shots of tequila, and four margaritas later, Alec was literally carrying me into my house, upstairs, and into my bed.
  6. "Buh, I'm na shleepy." I said as he put me under the covers. "Sure you're not sleepy Erica." Alec said chuckling. I vaguely remember things after that. I do remember saying that Alec was as pretty as a princess and that I wanted to be a purple duckie.........damn, I'm a bad drunk. The next morning, I had a hangover from hell. I looked over at my nightstand and saw asprin and an icepack. Aunt Lisa had known about the partys since the 8th grade party. You can thank my unusual hang-over-like behavior and my sleeping until six p.m. for that.
  7. I'd improved over the years, it was only 1 pm. I took the asprin and stuffed the icepack under my Gaia catscratch ear muffs and onto my head. I called Bonnie's house, and her mom said she was still recovering. Ha ha! What a wimp. Then my phone buzzed. It was a text from Alec. Toretto652993: Have you made it w/o a hangover yet? Lol I personally found nothing funny about this remark. BlackBloodyRose214: No, I didn't as a matter of fact. My head hurts so bad I would kill for it to stop throbbing right now. Toretto652993: Aw. Mayb it was those shots of tequila... BlackBloodyRose214: >:P stfu Toretto652993: ill be there in a few minutes *kisses ur cheek* BlackBloodyRose214: alright then :)
  8. I raced down stairs after I pulled my Tokio Hotel hoodie over my black tanktop. I yanked the front door open as Alec was coming up the cement steps. I could see him laughing. It was either about my hat, or the look on my face as I watched him approach me in black and purple-checkered pajama pants with an unzipped hoodie on, revealing his bulging chest muscles. It took every ounce of self-control I had not to lick his pecks then and there. "Are you ok? Erica, you're drooling," Alec said as he stepped into the house alongside me.
  9. I wiped my mouth and to my horror, there was actually drool there. Instantly, my face became red... mistake #1. Alec's green eyes sparkled in the light as he saw this. "So Roza is returning. How sweet," he said, taking me in his strong arms. "What does Roza mean?" I asked, puzzled as ever. "It means rose in Russian. I learned quite a few things during all the moving me and my family did," he answered. We were just about to go listen to music in my room when the doorbell rang loudly. I totally forgot that Laura, Jason, Schelby, and Trevor were coming over. And that's where the problems began.
  10. Mwahahaaa. Another cliffhanger! hahahahahahahahha. I bet you hate me. But don't worry. No need. The next and final UnNoticed will be coming out soon. Followed by it's sequel UnForgotten. 'Till then, keep reading!

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