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Hey people! If you didn't read part 1, you might want to do that!

Some of you asked for a description of Alec & Jason. Here ya go! Alec-Kind of tall, Redish-brown hair, green eyes, and a bit of a flirt. Jason-Tall, Black hair, brown eyes, and completely....you'll see.

Created by: xX3mo_Ang3lXx
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  1. “I’m Alec by the way,” he introduced himself. “I know, I’m Erica,” I replied. “This is Danni, Kenna, Schelby, Ashley, Bonnie, Laura, Anthony, Trevor, and Jason,” I introduced all of my friends. “So why don’t you sit over with the preppy kids? Ashley asked, eyeing the glares that were being sent our way. Alec shrugged. “I just never had a taste for all the squeaky voices, high fives and omgs I guess.” He apparently noticed that I wasn’t eating so he pushed his food away. “So what’s it like, living in the big Jersey?” he asked with a fake jersey accent.
  2. “Its okay I guess,” I said, playing with Jason’s rings. I’m not sure why, but I always had a fascination with his rings. I just happened to look up and saw that Alec was looking at me again, and I turned beat red. “Aww, guys look. Rose is back.” Jason said, laughing. O9Everyone looked at me and then I got even redder. “Rose?” Alec said, looking confused. “It’s a pet name Jason used to call me when we were in the 7th grade. I used to blush at everything,” I explained.
  3. “Oh,” he said grinning. “I personally think roses are the most beautiful thing in the world.” As Alec said this, I saw Danni’s shoulders slump a little. I looked over at Kenna, who was now snickering. I picked up a straw and a piece of paper and shot a spitball at her. “Ew, gross Erica,” she exclaimed, trying to get the wet wad out of her black hair. Kenna’s hair was like mine, black with streaks, only my streaks were pink, and her’s was purple. Everyone laughed as she struggled with her hair, including Alec. I found out his eyes were emerald-looking green. He noted my honey yellow contacts and asked what color they really where. “My eyes are actually blue, but I have bad eyes, so I got these,” I answered, pointing to my eyes.
  4. . Just to freak out my friends, I took one of my contacts out and looked at all of them. Over half of the table cringed and I laughed. I looked over at Jason and grinned. He just smiled back, and to my disappointment, he didn’t flinch or anything. “Wow, I thought you were kidding about the blue thing,” Alec told me after lunch. I smirked. “That’s what everyone says.”
  5. The next few days practically flew by. Apparently, Alec had moved in two houses down from me. So on Saturday, he spent the day over at my house, helping me on my homework. “So how come you live with your Aunt Lisa instead of your parents?” Alec asked me. Ouch, touchy subject. “Well, um. My dad died when I was little and I haven’t seen my mom since I was seven.” Alec peeked over at me and put down his geometry book. “I’m sorry Erica. I didn’t mean to…” he trailed. “No, no. Its okay,” I objected. “I’m just not that used to talking about it since my friends all know about it.”
  6. Alec kept looking at me and it was making me kind of nervous. So instead of sitting in an awkward silence, I plugged my iPod into my iHome and turned it on. When Metallica was blaring out of the speakers, I sat down on the floor across from him and started playing on my iPhone. He did a few more problems and then shut the book. “So, where you always like this?” I heard Alec ask me. “Whatcha mean?” I shot back, trying to make a high score on my ski ball game. “You know, dark colors, gothic-like, hating the world kinda girl,” he said, staring at my death metal posters on my black walls. This question had caught me by surprise. I switched my phone off and looked at him. “Not really. When I was ten, my Aunt Lisa tried tracking down my mother. She actually got a hold of her, but when Aunt Lisa mentioned me, my mom told her she didn’t want anything to do with me, and to never contact or talk to her again.”
  7. “And that’s why you’re a dark child now?” he asked, smiling a little. “Pretty much, yeah,” I told him. “My parents always fight, but they work it out eventually,” he replied. “ Aunt Lisa doesn’t care what I do as long as I’m happy and don’t end up pregnant before I get outta high school.” I said laughing. “Enough about me,” I said after about the millionth question he asked me. “What about you? Why did you move? What’s your type of music? What’s your favorite food, color, or even thing to do?” I asked, out of breath. “Okay, okay,” he said, throwing a pillow at me. “The reason I moved was because my father is into the traveling business. I like any kind of music, especially techno. My favorite food is pizza, ice cream, and cheeseburgers. I love the color midnight blue, and I like to swim, hike and spend time with my friends.” I threw the pillow back at his head. “What in the world was that for?” he asked, laughing. I glared at him. “For remembering everything I just said and answering the questions all within five minutes.”
  8. “Oh I get it,” Alec said with a devilish look in his eye. “So I’m supposed to act dumb and ask what every question is after I answer you previous one?” I shoved him over and knocked him on his side. “Yes. Actually. I’m the smart 11th grader barely passing each class with a C minus and you are the dumbest person in school, acing every class and you just got here Monday!” I exclaimed proudly. I had a point, didn’t I? That was when he practically tackled me to my own floor. “Would ya mind gettin’ off?” I asked after I had finished my hysterical laughter when he put on a dumb act like he didn’t know what he was doing. Then he just simultaneously decided to do something that I never saw coming. He kissed me. It was a surprise to me, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t willing.
  9. His breath tasted kinda fruity, like he had been eating nothing but Fruit Passion Tic-Tacs for the past 48 hours. After 30 seconds, Alec lifted his head and looked down at me. “You most definitely are not dumb,” I said, smirking. He smiled and pulled a loose strand of my hair back behind my ear. “Dear God, I hope not,” he replied, kissing the palm of my hand. We spent the rest of the day laying on each other, talking about each other’s lives. It honestly was like some sappy movie, which kinda grossed me out. Right before Aunt Lisa got home from work, Alec slipped out the back door. Before he disappeared, he said,” You know Erica, you’re not the best at math, so maybe I could tutor you.” I narrowed my eyes. His expression was an amused one. “Or,” I ultimated.”I could just copy off of you everyday like I did on Tuesday, Thursday, and yesterday.” He grinned, kissed me one last time, and was off.
  10. Tell me what you think in the comments! :) Hope you liked it!

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