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  • No Subject
    "I don't really care, with many people bringing up that they're some other magical mystic impossible creature from a fairy tale, it seems kin..."
  • No Subject
    "I was greeting Shadow of Chaos, but I see I have caught the attention of someone else. Interesting... But anyways idj"
  • No Subject
  • LA LA LA.
    "Notify me when you have returned."
  • LA LA LA.
    "Hello Gir. If I may call you Gir. :)"
  • I'm going to go shower.
    "How you like them apples? I love them apples... DONT SLIP IN DE SHOWER."
  • "xD I couldn't agree more."
  • "XD I want in on this conversation ._."
  • Hey
    "Hello.hehe. I guess since many people have called me "Poca" that will be my nickname."
  • "Fine. I shall leave, since I am clearly being ignored. -_- I thank the one person who didn't."
  • Hey
    "I shall try a new approach >_< Hello everyone."
  • "Bleh. I wish my old friends were on. This place has become boring, although it is quite obvious. I hate GTQ Guy. -_-"
  • "Eros, reminds me of oreos ._."
  • That wonderful feeling.
    "Awww~ :3 That is a truly wonderful feeling..."

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