Just Some Love Story *Part 5*

Recap: Jake took you to the mall for some clothes and when you came bakk out you saw someone a girl about your age she was wearing a purple zebra print shirt with shorts and her hair was blue with the tips red ALSO I GOT THE RESULTS MIXED UP IT MATTS ND JAKES IM SORRY!!! MEMBER IM A NEWBIE!!!! ill put the correct one for matt n jake in the comments

Matt: blak hair with a blue streak over one hair and sea blue eyes, hes thin bt muscles show hes more romantic/ Jake:dark brown hair brushed to side and chocolate eyes hes muscluar and a 6 pak hes a flirt around you/ Gabriel: emo cut blak hair with dark greenish-gray eyes regular not thin or mucular hes in the middle/ Josh: blakk hair and gray eyes not so shy anymore and hes the smartest

Created by: Pocahontas_48

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  2. Recap: You and Jake were at the mall when you came back out you saw a girl with blue hair red tips purple zebra print shirt and shorts. Got it ? Good ok "Who is that Jake? You asked "Well she's actually my ex girlriend I BROKE UP WITH HER when I found out she works for Alexandrea." Jake explained "Yes and thats too bad Jakie we had plans for you but you left when you found out SHE was the one we were after." Juliana said "Yea and now are you actually going to challenge me for her?" Jake said still shielding you "Hahaha you can read me like a book Jakie." Juliana smiled "DONT call me Jakie im not your boyfriend anymore" You smiled when he said that (Depending on whether you like him or not) "Fine lets get this over with." Juliana said "_____ when i now run and yell for the guys dnt worry they'll hear you ok?" Jake whispered "Uhh ok" you said confused Jake kissed your forehead while you saw Juliana stretching "Ok Jake i dnt know how you'll can beat me when I can shape into any animal Jake."
  3. Then Jake motioned you aside and Juliana shaped into a Lion pounced at Jake, Jake used his Telekineis to grab a nearby tree branch (a big one) and hit Juliana on her head she fell backwards and tried to regain her balance "NOW !!!!!" then you ran in the direction of the house when Juliana and Jake were barley visiable you yelled for the guys "JOSH !!!! MATT!!! GABRIAL!!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!" then only a second later the boys appeared out of the blue "______ WAT HAPPENED WHERES JAKE??" Josh said "Back in the parking lot of the mall" you said out of breath "Me and Matt will go back for Jake, Gabriel take _______ home." the boys nodded Josh and Matt ran back in the direction you came and Gabriel ran you home. Once you two got home you were out of breath "How did you guys *panting* pop up in front of me?" you asked
  4. "Well *panting* all gifted people can call any other gifed persons name and by freewill choose to appear in front *pant* of the person calling them." Gabriel explained "Kewl" you said just then Gabriel bear hugged you "Im glad you weren't hurt ______." "Thank you Gabriel" then he let go put his arm around your shoulders and the other on your hip and kissed you, you smiled and you two made out him still holding you 'I hope you'll choose me' you thought you heard Gabriel say that, but you ignored it then he pulled away then you two sat on the couch next to each other you wondered if you read his mind while you kissed him you were still thinking when someone bursted through the door
  5. It was Josh, Matt, and Jake you hugged Josh then Matt then Jake "Im gald you guys are ok!!" you said relieved. "Yea we almost beat her ,but she got away" Matt said you noticed there clothes were ripped here and there and they had some dirt on them you felt bad they did that for you so you said "How about while you four get cleaned up I'll make us all dinner?" they all exchanged a look and agreed They went up stairs and you headed to the kitchen to see what you could make. Then you decided on fried chicken, and rice then lemon pie for desert. You finished the chicken and starberry maringue pie while the rice was still cooking you went up stairs to tell the boys dinner was almost ready you went to Jake's room since it was the first you past
  6. "Um Jake dinner is almost ready" you saw him putting on a plain white V-neck with skinny jeans "Ok thanks _____" "Your welcome"and left you went to Matt's room next you knocked and poked your head in again "Matt dinner is--- O MY CRACKERS IM SORRY !!! " you said because it looked like he got out of the shower and he was barley putting on his boxers you closed the door and yelled through the door "Dinners almost ready!!" you laughed "Ok ______ did you enjoy the show??"Matt yelled.You just laughed and walked away (by the way theres a bathroom in every room i 4 got to say) You headed to Gabriel's room this time you knocked and said "Can I come in Gabe its ______??" "Yea go ahead" he was barley slipping into his skinnies "I just wanted to say dinners almost ready" you said "K thanks for tellin me" and you started for Josh's room you were about to knock when he said "Come in!" you went in and you saw him sittin on his bed reading "his room was painted midnight purple
  7. "I like your room" you said "Thank you" he said "Your Welcome" you said "Well well well you got a surprise from seeing the other one haven't you _____?" you blushed "Yea" you said embarassed "And not me? Well here's one" he came towards you you backed into the wall nd he put a hand on the wall and the other lifted your chin upto meet his lips then you heard something again 'Finally I get to kiss her alone!!' then he pulled away and said I think you should change before dinner is served you looked down your clothes were wrinkled and you stunk so you left took a quick shower and changed into :
  8. You ran downstairs and checked on the rice it was done. When everything was set you yelled down the hall "DINNERS READY!!!!" you heard "Mmm wats that smell?" and "WOW SHE CAN COOK!!" and "hope it tastes as gud as it smells!!!" and "Hurry up and walk im starving!!!" you laughed and motioned everyone to sit they sat and you all started to talk about the past couple of days mostly laughing then when when everyone was done eating they complimented your food and you 5 went to the living room and played them at Halo beat them then everyone said gus night then Jake came in your room and just started kissing you you didnt care so you went along with it next thing you know your laying down making out with him when he pulls away says sorry and walks out you laughed, yawned and fell asleep
  9. That night you dreamt someone came in your room you turned on the light and you saw it was 2 guys one with light brown hair and light blue eyes and the other with blond hair and blue eyes they were both wearing a dark blue cloak. you said "Who are you and what do you want!?!?!" a devilish smile appeared on light brown hairs' face and a sly smile and blondie then everything went black when you woke up you realized it wasn't a dream because you were trapped in a gray room. Then you saw the same blonde and light brown haired guy watching you through the door window. When you stood up a girl came in the room her hair went down to the middle of her back it was orange on top then went to golden-brown on the bottom her eyes were yellow and she was wearing a sundress but the design was fire "Hello _______ I'm pretty sure you've heard of me I'm.......CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!! (sorry ;D)
  10. Ok well thats it for today I just wanted to thank you all who left a comment and rated this is mi 1st quiz and I didnt think Id make part 5
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