Somebody Special Part 2

PLEASE READ Hi! So this is Part 2 of my new quiz series "Somebody Special". So my name is Dannica, if you haven't noticed. & this is my 3rd quiz series. The other two were called They Love Me & Meet Me Halfway. Unfortunately, I never got to finsih Meet Me Halfway so I'm making up for it by making this quiz series longer and more descriptive.

Taylor looks similar to Nick Santino, but more cuter! He has dimples, brown hair, he's tall and skinny, and he likes reading and drawing. Jerimiah is your best friend in the story. He has amazing skin, glasses that look adorable on him, and black flippy hair. He's hilarious and is an amazing singer. Dakota tends to wear his nerd glasses everywhere. He has brownish/black hair and has perfect teeth. Even if he doesn't look like it, he's really smart. & not to mention he's cute! Elijah is more of the athletic type. He has piercing blue eyes and brown hair, along with an irresistable charm. Jay is more of the musical shy type. He can play guitar and has black hair with some blonde highlights. He has dimples aswell and beautiful eyes.

Created by: Dannica

  1. "What the hell was that?!" you snapped under your breath. You woke up in a dark, strange place. Your back hurt as you were laying on the cold, hard ground. You hesitantly stood up and found that you were in a maze. You looked around trying to find any sight of Jerimiah, Taylor, or anybody for that matter. You started walking straight ahead as it was the only entrance the maze gave you. "JERIMIAH? TAYLOR? SOMEBODY HELP!" You screamed. Out of nowhere, a white sign appeared, hanging on the thick maze bushes. The bold, black letters read, "NOBODY CAN HEAR YOU. DON'T WASTE YOUR BREATH." You started running, faster and faster as time went flying by. "Where am I?" You thought nervously.
  2. You realized the only way out was to complete the maze. You remembered that scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where Harry was stuck in the maze aswell. "Okay. Just stay calm, cool, and collected." You muttered under your breath. Suddenly, you heard a twig snap behind you. You turned around sharply and saw a girl. She looked the same age as you, although she was much prettier. She had gorgeous red hair, that she dyed obviously, but it suited her very nicely. "Um, hi." She said in a scared tone. "Do you know where we are?" You asked, not bothering to say hi back. She shook her head no, and she walked towards you. "I'm Valentine. Valentine Bloomings. Nice to meet you." She offered her hand and you shook it as you introduced yourself. "We have to get out of here." You said to her. She agreed and you guys started walking together through the passageways in the maze. You looked to your right and saw another white sign with big black letters that read, "10 MORE SECONDS." Valentine seemed to see it aswell and you two started running. You counted down in your head the number of seconds you had left until who knows what would happen.
  3. "5,4,3,2..." you counted down. "1" Right when time ran out you and Valentine bumped into someone, which made all of you fall to the floor. You got up and saw Jerimiah, Taylor, 3 other guys, and 1 other girl. There was confusing and awkward silence as you all stared at eachother. You hugged Jerimiah and Taylor, thankful that they were okay, but you wanted to hug the 3 other guys aswell because they were pretty cute. You were about to introduce yourself (which seemed like a bad thing to do at the moment, but you wanted to do it anyways.) but the other girl that you bumped into pointed at the ground and said, "what does it say?" Everybody looked down and saw a sentence painted in black on the cobblestoned floor of the maze in a spiral formation. "You can't read it yourself?" Jerimiah asked. You stopped yourself from laughing, and slapped him on the arm. He shrugged while Taylor read aloud, "Get ready for your next task."
  4. Suddenly, all of you evaporated in the air. You felt the wind in your hair and then you dropped. You hit the floor, landing on your butt. One of the 3 boys helped you up and gave you a small smile. You stood up, but then realized where you were. The group was in one of the twin towers during the 9/11 attack. "HOLY CRAP!" Valentine screamed out. The building was ablaze and you could barely breathe. Then out of the corner of your eye, you saw the familiar white sign. You motioned the group to follow you and Jerimiah read out what the sign said. "To save yourselves and other innocent people, solve the riddle: It is greater than God and more evil than the devil. The poor have it, the rich need it and if you eat it you'll die. What is it?" You pondered this riddle, so did everyone else. Everyone except for the other girl was discussing it. "Nothing." She said quietly. "The answer to the riddle is nothing." Everyone turned there heads to look at her. A pen magically appeared in her hands. Confused at first, she walked over to the sign and wrote down, "Nothing is greater than God, nothing is more evil than the devil, the poor have nothing, the rich need nothing, and if you eat nothing you die. The answer is nothing."
  5. Right then, a voice echoed the burning building saying in a deep voice, "You are worthy." Suddenly, you felt yourself evaporating again. You once again felt the wind and the burning flames. You landed again on your butt, but this time you got up by yourself. You looked around to see where you were this time. To your suprise, it was a huge mansion. You and the group were in the living room, which also shared the space with the kitchen. The interior was amazing. It was a professional kitchen with marble tops and gorgeous pots and pans. It looked like a kitchen Bobby Flay would use or something.
  6. You looked over at the living room, which had lovely furniture and a huge flatscreen. There was a cherry wood floor, which was scratchless and shiny. It seriously just looked like the house of a celebrity. You peered outside the glass door leading to the backyard and saw an amazing swimming pool with crystal blue water and a picture of a dragon at the bottom. There was even a juice bar with 8 pre-made smoothies for the 8 of you. You turned to Taylor and all of them and said aloud, "Don't you guys think this is kind of...odd?" They all nodded but didn't talk. The tv then turned on by itself. You were expecting to see the middle aged men that drugged you, or some person in a suit like the men in black or something, but to your disappointment it was another one of those signs, except on the tv.
  7. "This is the safe house. You have been specifically chosen for this operation. Hopefully you won't make a bad move and try to go home. Once you're out of the safe house boundaries, you will easily die. Period. We suggest you guys get to get to know eachother, as you will be together for a while. You follow clues left all around the world that will lead you all to the thing that has the power to destroy humanity. We're the good guys; trust us." You read the message in your mind, and it kind of creeped you out. "Well, I guess we should get to know eachother. I'm Valentine Bloomings." She said smiling.
  8. Apparently her smile seemed to get to Jerimiah as right away he shook her hand and introduced himself. "I'm Taylor. Taylor Levine." he said. One of the three guys then introduced himsef as "Dakota Traan". He was really cute as a matter of fact. He had silky brown/black hair, he wore black nerd glasses, although you didn't know if they were prescription or not, he was a little taller than you and he had the most perfect teeth you've ever seen in your life. He was just enchanting. The next guy, who helped you up, was Elijah (Eli) Woodley. He also had brown hair with piercing blue eyes. His lips were the perfect shade of red, as if he were wearing lipstick. He smiled right at you, which made Taylor feel a little uncomfortable.
  9. The next and final guy that introduced himself was Jay Johnston. He had black hair with a little bit of blonde highlights in his side bangs. He looked like he kept to himself alot. His eyes were a weird shade of purple, that made you hypnotized if you looked in them. He was shy; which you actually found cute. The girl that found out the riddle introduced herself as Emma Summerson. She was skinny, a blonde, with striking hazel eyes. She looked like she could be a model. Then it was your turn. You introduced yourself in the most awkwardest way. (FAST FORWARD)You went upstairs and opened a room. You entered it and looked around. The walls were white, there was also a wooden floor, and it had a balcony overlooking the swimming pool. As you were on the balcony, you noticed there was also a mini golf course in the backyard. "Geez" you said to yourself. The room, to your pleasure, came with a macbook air which included free wi-fi. The room also came with a full wardrobe of your liking and a flatscreen. It was just an amazing room. (Imagine the room anything you want if you don't like this one)
  10. You went downstairs and noticed there was another flight of stairs leading to the basement. You found a flashlight and descended to the basement. You found paint and a paint brush, which was just what you needed. You went back to your room to put your touches on it. You entered the room and saw Dakota out on your balcony. He noticed you come in and said with a shy voice, "Oh, so you're the one that occupied this room?" He said with a smile. "What's with the paint?" You put your supplies down and said, "I'm going to paint pictures on the walls, write song lyrics on the ceiling, and decorate my door so people know who's room this is." You replied returning the smile. "That's cool, do you need any help?" He asked with a smile revealing his perfect teeth. "No, I think I"m good, thanks for offering though." You said as you opened the can of black paint. "Okay, but if you need any help just knock on the door across from you." He said with a half smile. "I will, thanks." You said dipping the brush in the paint. He waved bye as he closed the door behind him. "What a flirt." You mumbled to yourself "I bet he did that with Valentine and Emma, pfft."
  11. You decorated your door already with your name clearly on it and a couple doodles; it looked rather well. You decided to take a break so you put the lid back on the paint and put your brush in a cup of cold water from the sink. (Your room had a door connecting to your own bathroom) You decided to take a shower before you go back downstairs. You made your favorite outfit from your new wardrobe and put it on. "I look fresh, yee buddy." You said to yourself. You were about to open the door to your room when you felt yourself evaporating again. "Really? After I took a shower?!" You said in your mind. You fell on top of Jay, and you quickly got off. "Sorry." You said with a little smile. "No worries." He said back. "Wow, he has a sexy voice..." You whispered to yourself. "RUN!" Emma yelled. "Why?" You asked calmy. "DINOSAUR!" Taylor screamed back. You turned around and started running as you said under your breath, "we're in the prehistoric times...crap."

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