Just Some Love Story *Part 3*

Recap: Gabriel Texted you to meet him in the park you sat on the swings he came and he kissed-drugged you the you went out cold..... wat happened?????

Matt: blak hair with a blue streak over one hair and sea blue eyes, hes thin bt muscles show hes more romantic/ Jake:dark brown hair brushed to side and chocolate eyes hes muscluar and a 6 pak hes a flirt around you/ Gabriel: emo cut blak hair with dark greenish-gray eyes regular not thin or mucular hes in the middle & hes the smartest out of the 4 of them/ Josh: blakk hair and gray eyes hes like Matt bt shy

Created by: Pocahontas_48
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  1. When you woke up you found yourself in a big room layin on a king size canopy bed with the lace blowin because the window tht open to a balcony was open you got up and winced in pain you looked ay your leg and noticed a cut 4 in long on the side of your calf you limped to the balcony and it overlooked lush green pine trees of the woodsyou took a deep breath and went bakk inside to the door you took another deep breath opened it and jus poked your head outside and you saw a familiar face
  2. you saw the same chocolate brown eyes tht made you melt inside "mornin sweetheart how do you feel???" in the hallway you saw Jake heading towards you holding watt looked like your breakfast which wass:
  3. As he got closer you heard another familiar voice on the other side say "______! Your awake!!" rite when you turned Matt caught you in a bear hug. Your leg started to kill you so when Matt let you go you limped back in the room with Jake and Matt following you. You sat on the bed and Jake gave you a bear hug for 5 seconds after he set your breakfast on the little table next to your bed. "Where am I?" you said "Dont worry just eat your breakfast then when your ready come down stairs to the living room and we'll explain EVERYTHING ok?" you thought for a second and said "Uh ok" before they left Matt put your leg on his lap, put his hand over your cut the n a deep blue light flashed at the same time you felt warm inside and relaxed. When you looked at your leg the cut dissapered. Then they both left giving you a reassuring hug. You started to eat your breakfast (which was amazing!!) when someone knocked on your door
  4. It was Gabriel "Hey ______ can I come in? I just wanted to appolagize." "Sure" you said back He came in the room and sat next to you "Hye im sorry for drugging you like that its not like me,but the others forced me to." "Others??" you said "Yeah Matt already told you to come down stairs dont worry we'll protect you" He got up kissed you gently on the lips jus like you remember but you enjoyed it this time and then he left the room. Now so many questions boggled in your head "How did Matt make the cut dissapear?" "Why am I here?" "What happened to my leg?" By then you finished you breakfast looked for clothes found some in the step in closet a huge wardrobe from your favorite store:
  5. You changed fast went to the bathroom (which was a luxury bathroom) then started to the living room couldn't find it you opened the door next to your room and it had a carved king sized canopy bed painted midnight purple the room had yet another balcony, but you saw Matt sitting down on the bed and scribbiling on a sketch pad eating an apple "O im sorry Matt I couldn't find the living room" you said he laughed "Its ok ______ I was heading to the living room rite now we could go together" he said putting the sketch pad to the side of the bed and took his apple "Ok" you said "Im not going to say anything until we meet with the others ok?" Matt said "ok" you said a little dissapointed but you noticed Matt was wearig a pair of Levi's with a plain black tee.You finally reached the livving room and Jake and Gabriel were playing some gaame on there x-box and Josh was sitting on a chair reading as you walked down the stairs the guys stopped playing and looked jealous that Matt was escorting you down the stairs. Then they put the game away and sat back down you took a seat on the couch next to
  6. you sat down and Jake started "I'll start from the begining. We aren't regular guys from school. We actually have powers not shapeshifting or bloodsucking, more like mind reading and healing. You probably found out Matt can heal already. Well your here because an evil lady named Alexandrea wants your powers and to kill you. We don't know your power but we're going to found out later on today" he wasn't finished "Wow thats alot to take in" you said "I know right?" matt said, jake continued "Your parents were the most powerful leaders of our kind, but Alexandrea killed them, before they were killed they gave you to us to hide we didn't know how to raise a baby so we had to leave you with the parents you have now." jake stopped because tears started to build in your eyes you qwiped away quikly and told him to go on
  7. "over the years we've watched you and your powers grow also Alexandrea get tired of waiting so we brought you here to train and to prtect you." You nod your head then Gabriel starts his time "I'm pretty sure you want to know our powers now??" you laugh and say "yea" "ok whose going first??" "I'll go" Jake said "I have telekinesis" he moved his head over to a Coke on the table and it came to his hand "Wow Thats kewl!!" you said he smiled big and sat back down "My power" Matt strted "is to heal" he took a blade from his pocket and cut his hand he winced the put his other hand over his cut hand then the same deep blue light appeared and his hand was normal again no trace of a scar
  8. "Ok ok well ______ my power is that i can control the elements well only water and wind. So i can't really do anything now but later i will" "Kewlio" you said then all of you looked at Josh he sighed and stood up "I can read peoples minds and I'm the smarter one than all of us" you were thinking 'prove it' and he said "How?" ans you thought 'You just did' and let out a smile he smiled bak and you noticed he has cute dimples "Thank You" he said you blushed and the guys looked at you two wierdly + kinda jealous
  9. Sorry thats it for today I honestly think i like this one better than the others
  10. Should I Make Part 4?? Have Any Suggestions?? How Was This One??

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