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Hey!! A Vampire Love Story is about just what it sounds like! Connor, Nathan, Ethan, and Brandon love you in a way nobody has ever loved you before. I hope you fall in love with one of these boys! Hope you Enjoy!

Please remember to Comment&&Rate when fineshed.!! I would like to know what you thought of this quiz and if need to make some few aggustments, you know stuff like that. And most importantly, comment if you really did like it! ThanksMuch!:)

Created by: RemysFault

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  1. Okay: You're name is Katherine Jones and you have black wavey hair with a carmel- blonde highlight nearish your face. You also have pure grey eyes and you have fair skin. Kinda pale, kinda not. You're slim and average height. Got it? xDDD
  2. Its almost midnight and you're walking up the front steps of you're house when you hear you're mom and dad screaming at each other. Again. You sigh and turn around to walk to you're friends house. She just lives up the road so you continue on you're path. You come to her door and knock. Nothing. Well, it IS midnight. You knock again, this time, you hear someone walking. Light steps toward the door. Kayla opens the door, not even suprised to see you standing there. "Parents fighting again?" She assumes, and when you nod, she opens the screen door for you. "Come on in, then." She says. "Im sorry Kay." You tell her, truly sorry. "Oh, you know I dont care. And neither does my parents. They know your family very well..." She laughs and I nod. "Well, I didn't think it would be every other freaking night. Its so stressful, not being able to get into your own freaking house at midnight." You say. You're parents dont like you to be around when they fight. So, you're barely home. You're always usually at Kayla's or at some party this dude throws every know and then. "Eh, lets go watch a movie or something." She says, waving off what you just said. You say okay and follow Kayla into her huge living room. And what, out of these choices, do you two watch?
  3. After three movies, Kayla makes you stay the night. She doesn't like to have you walk alone.. in the dark.. at 3 in the morning. You know, the basics. So the next morning, its the first day of school. You had totally forgotten about it until Kayla picked up a backpack and said to you: "On our way, we'll pick up your backpack and shtuff." You nod, not really getting what she was saying until a few minutes later. You two leave and arrive at your house. When you get into the house, your mom was in the kichten and your dad was already at work. You pick up your backpack and walk into the kitchen. "Well, Im glad you finally show up, Kathy." Agh, you hate being called Kathy. "Well, you and Daddy were fighting last night so I went over to Kayla's." You tell her, getting irritaded. "Oh, all right Kathy. Im sorry." You nod and start to walk away, but you stop and turn back around, saying: "Dont call me Kathy, Mom." And you leave.
  4. When you and Kayla arrive at school, you notice something new. Like something BIG but you cant but you're finger on it. "Well Kat, ready for our Junior year? Im not..ish." Kayla says beside you. Then, you realize what was different. You're a Junior. Since you were twelve, you've always dreamt of being one, you even got people saying: 'Wow, Kat acts like some 17 yr old girl!'. And yes, it would get annoying, because I mean, people would always stare at you with pride in their eyes. It was really weird. It was like they've never seen a twelve year old act like a 17 year old. "..some class you like?" Kayla was saying. "Um yea. I got," You took out you're class list and continued: "Ebglish, always, AP Math, and umm. Lets see. Drama." You say. AP Math was fun, sort of. The teacher was so much fun, he would pass something fun out if you got the correct answer."Aawww! Lucky dog!!" Kayla says, obviously jelous of Mr. Kolaf, the AP Math teacher. You laugh at her, she shouldn't be jelous of freaking her worst subject. Even though the teacher is the best! Its barely my best, you think.
  5. After second period, you are walking down the hall when you crash into someone. "Watch it, dumb---." You say, looking up. "Im sorry..." You're books are on the floor, but you're staring into his eyes. He has deep, deep ocean blue eyes and his hair is blonde and flippish. ((xDDD)) "Its..um. Its o..kay." You say, trying not to sound stupid. He was really cute, you thought. Like REALLY cute. He smiles, and oh God, its worthless! His smile was pure white and he really did seem to have one of those 'Famous Celeberty Smiles'. "Im Nathan." He says, staring back. "Oh. Um. Hi. Im Katherine. Katherine Jones." You smile back a flirting smile. He laughs. "I.. I gotta go. See you at lunch?" He asks. You nod. He smiles again and walks away.
  6. After that run-in with Nathan, you seem to see him everywhere. In the nurse, the princable's office, and in one of you're classes. American *snore* History. "...time, the actions of numerous presidents have modified the way that the United States deals with foreign policy..." Says Mr. Link. Then, you feel a poke on you're back. You jump and turn around. And standing right there is, of course, Nathan. "Hey Katherine. You take American History?" He asks. "No.. Im just here cause I wanna bore myself to death." His face dropped. "Well, not to death, though." He said. Whats his deal? "Right." You say and turn you're attention back to the board. "Sorry.. I just. Oh nevermind." Nate says. Throughout the period, you can feel Nathan glancing at you every few minutes. As if to make sure your not dead or something. After class, its lunch. So you && Nathan walk to the Cafeteria together. "Kat!! How was Am. History? Boring?" Kayla asks you. "Hahahah, but of course. You say. "Oooh, new guy, Im Kayla. You are?" She says, eyeing Nathan. "Im Nathan. Nice to meet you, Kayla." He says, smiling.
  7. You three eat lunch and talk about Nathan and where he lived before. He told you that he lived in Los Angeles and his mom's job was transfered over to Cape Coral, Forida. BUT his dad was going elsewhere, to here in Devore Heights, California. Nathan wanted to be near his hometown, so he went with his Dad. "Well, I know you wanted to be near your hometown, but why wont you go with your mom? And to Florida?" Kayla asked.
  8. After lunch, you walk down the halls. There's no one walking. Bu you see one boy walking towards you. You get to your locker and open it. The boy is getting closer, and your like.. 'Umm..'. "Hey." He says. "Um. Hi..." You says back. "Oh, manners. Im Brandon." Ah, Brandon. Such a name. "Oh, Im Katherine." You say to him. "Katherine, I like it." He smiles. You couldn't help but to smile back at him. "What class do you have next?" He asks. "Oh.. I think I have English." You tell him. "Oh, me too." He chuckles. He has brown skater-ish hair and chocolate brown eyes. "Oh. Well, okay." You say. You barely know this dude, and you really dont want to walk with him. But you do, knowing it would be rude if you dont.. in a way. When you two get there, he sits next to you. Like you've known each other for ages. ((o.o))
  9. After school, you go out to the courtyard, waiting an hour before you go home. Right after school is the worst time to go home. That's when Mom and Daddy's night begin. Its Hell. Only once was there actually hitting involded. Daddy didnt hit, but Mom did. You were 7 years old and crying. Your older brother was comforting you, like always. He was so sweet to you. Then he got his first girlfriend, that changed everything. He wasn't home as much, he rarely talked to you and when he did, it was for something totally rank. Like 'GET OUT OF MY FREAKIN' ROOM, KATHERINE!' and 'I DONT CARE WHAT YOU WANT, GO GET A F***ING JOB!' You were 13 then. He was 16. Then It happened. His girlfriend, Maria, babysat you when Bryan, your brother, wasn't able to. Mom and Daddy were in Florida for some job cruise thing and Maria loved to babysit you. She didnt hate you, oh no no, she fights with Bryan because he's mean to you now. But when It happened, Maria disappeared. Like, you never see her anymore. Bryan was out with his friends and the driver was drunk. Bryan wasn't, maybe stoned, but not drunk. Three people in the back and Bryan riding shot gun. The driver was speeding and the car in front was spinning out of control. In your brothers car, with 2 people drunk, hit a pole. The pole went through the car and killed Bryan. When you found out, you couldn't stop crying. You were 13 and now your brother is dead? "Katherine!" Someone says, jumping you back to reality. "Are you okay?" Nathan asks, wearing a concerned face. "Um, yea." You say, quickly wiping a tear away. "Are you sure? I just came out here and you were bawling." "Im fine." "Well, okay. Do you need a ride?" When you nod he takes your hand and pulls you to your feet. "Why were you crying?" He asks. "Well.. my, uh, brother died, And I was just thinking about it." You say. "Oh. Yikes, Im sorry, how did he die?" "He was in a.. car accident. The driver was drunk and they hit a pole." Wow, so there was a short version. 'Oh. Im sorry. You he drunk.?" You just shook your head, not able to say anything else. "Okay. Do you want me to take you to your house?" He asks. "Well.. I cant. The hour isnt up soo..." "What do you mean 'The hour isnt up'?" "Well, my parents fight.. like a lot." Why am I telling him this?, you think, I dont know him, very well. "Oh. Well, where to then? Im going back to my house, do you wanna...?" He asks. "Sure.."
  10. When you got to his house, you were like: 'WHOA'. It was more like a Mansion then a house. There was 3 other cars in the driveway, and oh God, it was a big driveway. It can fit one SUV, a red Farrari, one silver Honda Civic and Nathan's car, a 2005 Ford Mustang. WOW. "Um.. are you SHURE you live with JUST your Dad??" You ask, in total shock. "Well... I MIGHT live with a few other people.." You laugh, a FEW? Yea, a few. You walk into the house/Mansion and you mouth drops. The stairs swirl up, but there's not a lot. "NATHAN?! Is that you?" Someone says, voice veryy familar. Then, Brandon came into veiw. "Oh, you brought.. Katherine?" He says, looking at you with wide eyes. "You met her?" Nathan says behind you. "ETHAN. CONNOR. Come here!" Brandon yells. Then in came two boys. One has jet black hair and his eyes.. there fire orange. The other one has brown flippish hair, with forest green eyes. They stare at you. The one with fire orange eyes slowly walks up to you and touches your one blonde highlight. Then moving in to caress your face. He traces your lips and slowly backs away. You get a vibe, a strange one, that he is afraid. He shakes his head. "Man, you shouldn't have brought her here. She's to.." Said the boy with forest green eyes. She's to.. what? "...Rare." Nathan fineshes for him. They all nod, still staring to you. "Um." You say, a little embaressed. "Maybe I should.. go." You say. Fire Eyes nods. "OH. This is Conner and this is Ethan." Brandon says first pointing to Fire Eyes, then to Forest Green Eyes. "OK. Bye now," You say and turn around. "Nathan, take me home?" This trip was meaningless, you think. "Yea, okay." He says, opening the door for you.
  11. "Sorry about them.." Nathan tells you, pulling into your driveway. "Its okay. And thanks.. for everything." You say. You lean over and to kiss him. He kisses back. You pull away and get out to the car. Walking up the front steps, you hear your parents yelling. Still. You turn you head to see Nathan still sitting there, watching you. Making sure you get in a-OK. He rolls down the window and motions you to come towards him. "Is something wrong, Katherine?" He asks. You just nod, getting angry at your parents. "God, Im done. With them, with my freaking life. FIRST they freaking FIGHT 24/7, then they blame EVERYTHING on meh, INCLUDING my own brothers death! Im freaking done." You start crying and he gets out, hugging you and putting you into the car, passenger seat. "Im sorry, Kat." He says to you, in a shushed tone.
  12. Nathan brings you BACK to his house, having you stay in the car until he wants you to come in. He comes back out, a few minutes later, motioning you to come in. You get out and shyly walk into the house. When you walk in, Connor is sitting on the couch, staring at you. Again. "So, your back." He says. "Um, I guess." You say, a bit scared. He nods. "Sit?" He asks. "Yea." And you sit down next to him. "Im sorry I was so weird earlier." Connor tells you. Nathan goes into the kitchen, leaving you alone with Connor. "Its alright." You say back. He touches your hair, and moves down to your neck. His fingers against your neck are giving you the chills. "Are you cold?" He asks, but you just nod. You lay against him, && he pulls you in closer. He kisses you gently, making you feel a warm sensation run through your veins. Then he starts to kiss down, to your neck. It felt good, but then something pinched your neck. "Ow, Connor. Your hurting me." You say, feeling something cold run down your neck. "Connor!" You say again. The pinch turned into throbbing pain. Your eyes flutter closed and you black out, Connor finally pulling back.
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