Just Some Love Story *Part 4*

Recap: All of you were just sitting down and the boys finished showing you there powers and Josh is going to take you to find out your powers.........

Matt: blak hair with a blue streak over one hair and sea blue eyes, hes thin bt muscles show hes more romantic/ Jake:dark brown hair brushed to side and chocolate eyes hes muscluar and a 6 pak hes a flirt around you/ Gabriel: emo cut blak hair with dark greenish-gray eyes regular not thin or mucular hes in the middle & hes the smartest out of the 4 of them/ Josh: blakk hair and gray eyes hes like Matt bt shy

Created by: Pocahontas_48

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  1. After the guys finished showing you there powers Josh took you to what you knew was a science lab "Ok ______ I'm going to need a blood sample" he said "I don't get along with needles" you said he laughed at you "No is just a little prick on your finger like someone that has diabetes." (No Offence I couldn't think of anything else) "O ok" you said relieved Josh pricked your finger and put the blood on your finger to a scanning device conected to a three screen computer he started clicking on stuff, deleting stuff, and typing. You tried to start a conversation while he did that stuff ""Sooo....How did you end up here?"
  2. Josh was quiet for a mintue "You don't have to tell me its ok" You said "No its better you know" he started "I just turned 14 when I got into an argument with my dad.I forgot what the fight wasw about. Well eventually we both got tired so I went to my room and later that night I ran away I came to Jake because he was the closest thing to brother I had then since I was an olny child I never went back and my parents never did anything about it they just had another child a girl. Just when I moved in with Jake I began to hear things when peoples lips didn't move I told Jake and he found out I could read minds. Jake already had his power telekinesis I he understood what I was going through because his parents died and left him their house and fortune." He wasn't finished, but the computer was.....
  3. He began to say "______ your power is that you can control all 4 elements and you can also read minds, like me a smile came across your face "REALLY???" you said "Yup" he said "Woulddark red mustang gt you like me to finish my story later ?" he said shyly "Yes please" you told him he smiled to you as he was holding the door open for you when you passed he gave you little peck on the cheek 'Awh'you thought then blushed a little you and Josh went to the living room and Josh said "Ok guys ______ can control all 4 elements and read minds like me the computer also said she might develop another power,but it didn't say what it was "Ok atleast we know what she needs training in now" Matt said "Ok tomorrow I'll start training you with Fire," Jake said "then Gabriel will show you Water and Wind next Matt will train you in Earth and Josh will hepl you with your mind reading. Is that ok ______?" Jake finished "Yea" you said
  4. "Uh what about school though?" you said to them they looked at each other "You can still go if you want, but only for one more week ok?" Josh said you smiled because you just remembered the dance in your grade was this friday "Ok" you said "What about today what are we going to do?" you asked "Well I was thinking I could take you out to get some new clothes." Jake said you were excited "Yay!!" you said
  5. You followed Jake into a door when he turned on the lights you saw 4 cars lined up in a row the closest one was an imperial blue camaro the second was a dark red mustang gt the third one was a green camaro with two black stripes and the last one was a midnight purple BMW motorcycle with two helmets the same color. He grabbed the second set of keys which was the imperial blue camaro. he pointed to the cars (in the order that I told you) "That's mine, Matt's, Gabe's, and Josh's." He opened the door he unlocked the door and you two hopped in. "Nice car you got" you said looking at the interior "Thank You I inherited a there money when my parents died" he looked sad "I'm sorry" you said "Dont be if they hadn't died I wouldn't have met you" he said then giving you a kiss on your lips "I should've done that the morning you woke up" you both smiled as the car drove out of the garage you noticed it was a VERY BIG house.
  6. "Were your parents like millionaires or something??" you asked "Kinda, but there used to be many other gifted people with powers this place was like a hotel it has only 20 rooms though, a big practice park thing, a pretty sweet pool, the garage idk what for, an ok kitchen and then a lobby but I made it a living room then a GINORMAS library that Josh isolates himself in." Jake finally finished "WOW are you serious??" "Yupp" "But then what hapened to the hotel business type thing??" you told him "Well when the Head Quarters of the Gifted found out what happened to your parents and where you were at they would stop the hotel and let you live here so no one could live and train there. And they chose us 4 to protect you." He said with a proud smile.
  7. By then you reached the mall everyone stared at the car when Jake pulled into a parking space Jake parked then opened the door for you . Since people were still staring he put his arm around you and pulled you closer. You blushed and just went with it. When you found a store you went in and went berserk you pick out some clothes and modeled for Jake you made him jaw-drop, almost have a heart attack and your last outfit he said "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven you angel?." You laughed and changed back to the clothes you came in. You put the clothes on the counter and the cashier came out.Again Jake put his arm around your waist this time as the cashier came. The cashier rang up the prices and then you two went to the parking lot.
  8. You saw someone a girl about your age she was wearing a purple zebra print shirt with shorts and her hair was blue with the tips red. When Jake saw her he gasped and said "What are YOU doing here Juliana??" he said as he shielded you. "Who is that Jake??" You asked "Well she's acutally....." CCCLLLLIIIIFFHHANNGER!!!!!!!!!
  9. Sorry my hand got cramps!!! GTG please leave a comment and I shall have the background stories in th next one!!!!
  10. Random Dont Count Whose Car do You Like Best?????

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