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Many have tried. Many have failed. Many have lied and many have wailed. Oh, how they said they had finished this tale... but that is just a myth to hail. No one has ever seen the end. Never clicked that last button and then clicked send. For this. This is the longest quiz ever, my friend. So look hard right now and you will see, how very long this quiz shall be. It will take your time, effort and patience is your key. But do not forget to have fun by thee. Now go off for an astonishing venture lies. Right there in your wake and yet you idle right by. Go now! must I call to your wandering mind. You must go off to seek your fate and hopefully not die.

this is the sequel to the Neverending Quiz. You have been invited back by the Board of GTQ to help us with a major problem that could effect us all forever. Good luck and have fun

Created by: Jack Attack 1995
  1. So you're the kid they decided to bring back. I thought it might be you. You always had the nerve, the courage, the art of paddling fast. But then again there are many who can say the same... I wonder what the Board must see then. Oh well, we have much more pressing matters and there only going to get done if you agree to carry this thing out. You can't just quit on us. Lives other than your own depend on you this time... Are you staying?
  2. Good! That's a start. Now, I presume you heard of the kidnapping?
  3. You didn't? So after defeating the Neverending Quiz you decided to just hide under a rock Er nevermind. But brace yourself... the great and almighty Waffle Lord has been kidnapped.
  4. Yes I know. Terrible circumstances; Disappeared right outside of a local IHOP 14 hours ago. The only leads we have are the other 3 rulers: Lord Salad Dressing, the Pancake God and the Toaster Lord. We *cough* also have a time issue here.
  5. If the Waffle Lord isn't back by tomorrow, he will miss the grand ceremony of all breakfast masters. If he misses that ceremony it will become illegal to eat waffles for breakfast...
  6. You must understand how serious that is and understand that I have no more time to debrief you. We are running out of questions and the only way for you to find the Waffle lord is if you go back into the Neverending Quiz and find him inside there. Good luck and ... are you staying? You're not going to just leave are you?
  7. Thank you and again, Good Luck. *disappears and leaves you in the middle of the next Neverending Quiz*
  8. You walk down a small hallway. You have just begun your journey into the land of GTQ and have settled on the plan of defeating the Neverending Quiz... you have no idea what's in store...
  9. As you walk forward a large door appears to your right and another to your left. Which way, my friend?
  10. You go through there and see a huge house. More like mansion. Soon a butler walks out carrying a plate of cookies. Funny... the plates covered in plastic wrap. I wonder- That's when you hear them.
  11. It's the cookies. The cookies are screaming for help and trying to claw through the plastic wrap. It seems that every Cookie Crew member has been captured.
  12. You follow the butler, making sure not to be seen, and watch as he places the plate on a small table. He organizes the set-up and leaves. You wait. He doesn't come back. What to do? What to do?
  13. In the end your conscious gets you and you run over to the table. Cheers are yelled from two of the cookies as the other still scream. The two calmly tell their friends that you're a friend.
  14. You stare at the two cookies while trying to rip off the plastic wrap. You had only met them for 5 minutes. That's not really long enough to become friends. One of the cookies says, "Well in "˜the enemy of my enemy is my friend' sort of way."
  15. "And who's your enemy?" you ask. The other cookie chimes in, "That old Granny. The one with the purse that hurts..." O.o uh oh, it seems Grandma Ida Knovereya-Goin has returned also. Just as they tell you this a loud scream is hard from across the garden. "THE HOOLIGAN HAS RETURNED!"
  16. You grab the plate and rip of the remaining plastic wrap. As you run from Granny, all the cookies jump away with a yell of thanks. Only two remain. It's the two who saved you before. "Thanks." they say.
  17. "HOOLIGAN! AFTER "˜EM!" The cookies climb onto your head and give you updates on what's going on behind you. "She's coming up the left side." "Go right! Go right" Right or left?
  18. You go that way and immediately bump into someone. You fall back. "Oof. You. Please watch where you're going next time alright?" You recognize the voice and look up. It's the Pancake God. One of the three suspects for the kidnapping.
  19. "What are you doing here?" you ask. He stares back coldly, "I can't have breakfast at a friend's home?" me: Well if that friend happened to be an insane granny then no You can immediately see why he would want the Waffle lord out of the way. Even if they did sign that peace treaty of 2010, the Pancake God would have the right motive. Without waffles, you'd have to eat pancakes... and he would rule breakfast. "Now, out of my way..."
  20. "Wait, sir! I need to ask you something!" you say. He keeps walking. "If this is about the kidnapping, don't bother. I was over here all yesterday and last night. Right ida?" Granny has finally caught up to you. But she's winded and can't speak. The Pancake god calmly asks again, "I was over here all of yesterday, was I not?" Granny smiles and nods at him. She throws you and the cookies a dirty look. Is she lying?
  21. Naw, grannys don't lie. At least not about small things like this. You nod politely and then run as fast as possible back to the hallway. When you reach where the door was, it isn't there. What do you do?
  22. Of course. Press shift and hold... Yes do it. It won't close out or anything, geez nobody trusts me.
  23. Please Hold... *elevator music*
  24. *beep* Ground floor. Good job! (and for those who didn't hold it: tsk tsk tsk) The wall opens up and the cookies pull on your hair to get you to move forward. As you walk through the opening you can hear people shouting and laughing. Seems like a party...
  25. You look around and see a huge pool party going on. Every lord and Lady, Count and Countess, king and queen is there. Even GTQ guy is here. See he's jumping into the pool now. this is more than just an A list event, its an A+ list.
  26. The Toaster Lord is spread out on one of the lawn chairs, tanning. He's been looking pretty pale lately. You walk up to him. "Sir?"
  27. "Lord. I'm a Lord." he mumbles and squints at you.
  28. "Er... lord?" you ask.
  29. "Better. Now what?" The Toaster Lord snaps.
  30. me: Wow, talk about rude. I miss the Waffle Lord already The Toaster Lord looks around quickly. "Who said that!?"
  31. The cookies snicker. You watch as the toaster lord squirms a little. He shrugs the moment off, "So you're here because of that Waffle right? "Well I didn't kidnap him. I should have. It's a brilliant plan but no I didn't do it." Before you can say anything he interrupts. "Please leave me and tell your invisible mentor that he will not be receiving any complimentary pancakes tomorrow!"
  32. "But-" He interrupts once more. "NO! Leave my party NOW!" You grumble and leave but only for the cookies sake. If you were to be pushed into the pool with them *shivers* bad.
  33. So you've talked to 2 out of the 3 rulers. Roughly 67%. Which is odd because you've done roughly the same percentage of this quiz... So are you going to see the last man and finish up or leave?
  34. Good. I knew you'd stick around! Now where to next?
  35. Of course. Lord Salad Dressing and I know just where to find him. Close your eyes. C'mon just do it
  36. When you open them, you see the ocean. the water's calm and dark blue. It's nice weather for a picnic but not the right time.
  37. A small boat with a liquidy white sail is sailing towards you. As it nears you can see Lord salad Dressing steering. "Hello!" he yells with a smile.
  38. Hi." you reply. he doesn't seem to be the kind to kidnap. Well then again it's odd for him to be on the list at all. He and the Waffle Lord are actually really great friends... but why would he be on the list...? He's not even a breakfast food.
  39. the Lord motions for you to come on board. You hesitate but the cookies leap off. They land near Lord Salad Dressing's foot. "C'mon!" the two little cookie crew heads call. Do you go or stay on dry land?
  40. Well, you're going. Whether you like to or not. *picks you up and sets you on board*
  41. The lord smiles at you but it fades quickly. "You heard of what happened to the Waffle Lord, then?"
  42. You just nod. he continues sailing and says, "It's a terrible thing. He's my best friend you know and- well, I would hate to lose him,' his voice becomes thick. "And I wish I could help you find him but right now I'm scared of my own safety."
  43. "Why?" a cookie asks. The Lord turns his head so you can't see his face. "Well, its actually quit embarrassing. I was- em, planning on... becoming a breakfast food."
  44. He sees your face and ducks his head down. "I know, I know. That's what everyone thinks but all my friends are breakfast foods and I'm later. Please, I'm trying to start over and if I get involved they might try to kidnap me too..." The cookie crew look at you to respond.
  45. But you don't get to. Right then someone jumps out from behind a mast and hits the Lord in the back of the head. He falls unconscious. Soon another person scoops the cookies into bag. your alone against 3 others...
  46. Yeah but there are 3 and it seems you're going to have to get to another Neverending quiz to finish this because this one. This one has finished without you... Good luck, my friend.
  47. did you make it this far?

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